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Student Activities Officer Candidate

Jack Worrall


  • We will create a Bars Booking System where societies can, hassle-free, request rooms and tables for their society functions.
  • The Liberation Accreditation scheme we will create will signpost & encourage good, accessible practice at society events.
  • Revamp RAG with a new Charity Pairing System which will support campus groups in raising money for their paired charities.

60 second Manifesto


About me-

I am a third year Economics student. I like to spend my time across a wide range of activities, I play and organise darts events, I am politically active and I spend time taking part in the Liberation Networks on campus. Having been a part of the Darts committee for two years as Secretary and then Treasurer, Vice President and Equal Opportunities officer has provided great experience. I have been a part of organising national events, events with up to 900 people and I have been a part of the transition to making our events fully accessible to everyone. I have experience of being the President of European Union Society and Treasurer of the UoY Lib Dems. Not only this but I am also the current Vice-Chair of the National Young Liberals, a youth political wing with 30,000 members. I have also spent time as the YUSU LGBTQ Gay Convenor representing the gay community on campus.



Termly Storage Clean-ups-

Society storage space is limited, especially on the West Campus, and we need to make the most out of the use of the current storage facilities that we have. Therefore, as Activities Officer I will personally organise and take part in, with the relevant societies, termly storage clean-ups to make the most out of the society storage rooms we have.

Liberation Accreditation Scheme-

Being the Darts Club’s EO officer has made me realise how little contact societies have with Liberation Networks. Therefore, as Activities Officer I will work with the PTOs to introduce a similar Equal Opportunities accreditation scheme to encourage all societies to become accessible to everyone that wants to take part. The system will also be useful to the Liberation Networks as a way of signposting which societies are accessible to the members of the individual Networks.

Bars Booking System-

As Treasurer of the Darts Club I am in regular contact with the campus bars, one problem that they have is the way that societies and other groups book out bars. At the moment we have to find the email of an obscure manager, which leads to many societies either not knowing they have to do this and not bother or submitting an EMF to find out their event has been denied as they didn’t follow this procedure. I propose we create an online bars booking system where societies and groups can request tables and venues to host their events, support our bars and make use of the society discounts!

Cut Speakers Regulation-

Free speech is deeply important to me. That’s why I want to cut down the barriers that societies have to bringing in outside speakers. Last year the Lib Dems tried to bring in an uncontroversial Baroness to speak on an uncontroversial topic and we were told we needed to pay for Doorsafe. To me this is unacceptable and as Activities Officer I will make sure that all uncontroversial speakers are free to talk about interesting topics that will draw people to engage in constructive dialog.

Charity Pairing System-

This year the Darts Club has been paired with JDRF, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund, and we have put on events and I myself took part in the York 10 Mile Run to raise what has been close to £2,000 for our charity. This has been a major success for us and I want to give RAG a new mandate. Instead of their only goal being to raise money for a specific charity we will introduce a charity pairing system which will allow societies and groups to be paired with a charity for the year and RAG’s goal will be to aid these groups and societies to raise as much money as possible for their chosen charities.

Interactive Resource Hub-

At the moment the training societies get are inaccessible and hard to find. As a former President of small society I found it impossible to use the training that is provided usefully. That is why as Activities Officer I want to help small and start up societies by introducing an interactive resource hub, a place with videos and easy to read training which will simply explain to societies how to run their day to day activities and how to grow their societies into what they want it to be.