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Environment and Ethics Officer Candidate

Hollie Devitt


  • Students would benefit from more water fountains on campus
  • Students need more outdoor seating in our green spaces
  • Students should have the opportunity to work outdoors to improve our green spaces


Well done for reading this far! My idea is simple. What’s good for the environment is good for you. When writing this manifesto I looked at problems on campus and tried to find sustainable solutions. There are too few water fountains on campus, leaving students to rely on single use water bottles (David Attenborough wouldn’t be happy). It would be advantageous to both students and the environment to have more water fountains on campus. We need more outdoor seating on our campus. This will help to relieve pressure on study spaces during the summer exam season. If students can work in bars, cafes or shops there should be an opportunity for us to work outdoors. I'm the Hilary Clinton of Environment & Ethics promoting ambitious and achievable policies... but I don't own a pant suit.