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Policy Coordinator Candidate

Josh Mackenzie


  • Make it easier to submit policy, and giving you regular feedback on how your proposal is doing.
  • Create easy-to-read guides to make YUSU's governing docs easier to engage with.
  • Keep YUSU open and accountable with regular updates on what's going on.


Hi, my name is Josh and I'm running to be Policy Coordinator.

The reason I'm running is because policy is one of the most effective ways that we can impact the actions of YUSU, and most people aren't even aware of the policy process, let alone engaging with it. If elected, I intend to change that through the following policies:

Raising awareness of & engagement with the policy process

- Creating videos & graphics explaining what policy is, how you can submit it, and why you should care

- Providing templates and easy-to-read guides for how to submit policy, making it as easy as possible for you to submit your ideas

- Hosting regular events where you can come and discuss your ideas with the Policy Review Group to get feedback & help on submitting them

Making YUSU documentation more user-friendly

- Creating easy-to-read guides for the Union’s governing docs

- Keeping said governing docs (& guides) up-to-date and devoid of errors

- Cultivating an awareness that people don’t read or engage with lengthy policy docs, and actively working to make our documentation as accessible as possible

Keeping YUSU open & accountable

- Posting regular updates on what the Policy Review Group has been up to

- Keeping in regular contact with the officer group to ensure policy is implemented

- Providing frequent updates to policy proposers on how their ideas are progressing

Aside from the policies above, I have extensive experience working in teams & with policy documents. I've been involved in various organisational committees since 2013, including as vice president of Halifax's student association last year.

Whilst vice president, I led a successful effort to redraft our constitution. This involved significant engagement with college policy, an experience which I believe will prove invaluable, should I be elected as Policy Coordinator.

In addition to this, our committee also managed to massively increase student engagement – there were over triple the amount of ballots cast in the 2017 Halifax elections than there were the previous year. If elected, I believe I can bring a similar enthusiasm to the policy process, and massively increase student engagement.

As a final note, I'd like to refer back to my policies. I've intentionally opted for specific pledges rather than vague promises – you can vote for me knowing exactly what I intend to do in the role, and exactly how it'll benefit you. A vote for me is a vote for a more open, engaging, and user-friendly YUSU; a YUSU that's there to support you in making the changes you want to see, as your union should be.