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Environment and Ethics Officer Candidate

Oscar Bentley


  • Getting food waste bins in the library and other study areas to prevent food waste going to landfill
  • Offer a wider range of vegan options in University catering outlets and help shift the focus onto animal product-free diets
  • Work to have YUSU achieve an ‘Excellent’ rating in the NUS’ Green Impact scheme


Environment and Ethics Officer – Oscar Bentley

As the President of VegSoc, over the last year I have worked to promote environmental and ethical issues on campus for the benefit of students and the University. As a member of the E+E Network in my first year and additional experience as a student journalist, I’m very familiar with how YUSU works and the policy process, so I’d be able to get right into working from within YUSU to create action plans and policies to effect positive change. As Environment and Ethics Officer I would work to #goGOOSE;

G       G - Get food waste bins in the library and study areas

-      At present, students are forced to put food waste into the landfill bins in the library and other study areas

-      I will lobby the University to introduce food waste bins so that organic matter can be composted


O       O - Offer more vegan options in catering outlets

-      While options do exist, at present the range in catering outlets, including those operated by YUSU, that doesn’t contain animal products can be lacking

-    Animal agriculture accounts for up to 51% of greenhouse gas emissions (Goodland and Anhang, November 2009)

-      I will lobby and work with catering outlets to improve the range of vegan options

-      I will work to shift the focus onto animal product-free diets by promoting the alternative options available


O       O - Opt for renewable energy sources

-      40% of heat and electricity on campus currently is renewable (Nouse, January 2018)

-      The University is ranked 73rd out of 154 in People and Planet’s 2017 university league

-    I will work with the University’s energy and environmental managers to help improve the environmental impact of the University and champion sustainable energy sources

-    I will continue the work of the 2016/17 E+E Officers and lobby the University to divest from fossil fuels, in line with their ethical investment policy

S         S - Staff at the University should earn a decent wage

-    While the University pays all of its direct employees the national living wage, employees of subsidiary York Conferences Ltd. are not included in this policy (Nouse, March 2015)

-      YUSU’s policy to lobby the University to be a Living Wage Employer expires in May 2018

-     I will continue to lobby the University that all employees, including those employed by subsidiaries, are paid the living wage, and to apply for Living Wage Employer accreditation

E         E - Excellent rating for YUSU in the NUS Green Impact scheme

-      YUSU currently has a ‘Very Good’ rating under the National Union of Students’ Green Impact award, the second highest rating

-      I will work within YUSU and create action plans to ensure that YUSU gains the top ‘Excellent’ award rating by the time of the next NUS environmental audit

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