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York Sport President Candidate

Ryan Jago


  • Increasing support for college sport and introducing external qualified officials into the college sport system.
  • Showcasing the strength and variety of sport at York by broadcasting and streaming different women’s, men’s, uni and college weekly fixtures
  • Expanding and improving the focus sport program to make it more effective for more teams through the year, taking it beyond just S&C.

60 second Manifesto


Hey everyone, my name is Ryan Jago and this year, I’m running to be your next York Sport President. Sport can be such a defining aspect of the lives of so many students at York. Over my three years at university, I’ve been involved in two different university sports, captaining Men’s Water Polo and Men’s Basketball. I also represent my college, playing for Derwent Rugby. Through being involved in Sport at York, I’ve experienced the highs of winning a Roses opening ceremony and Varsity top seed, to crushing defeats and league losses. The reason why I continue to love sport so much and love being so heavily involved is that the sense of competition and inclusion you gain from sport is second to none. At the heart of my manifesto is the desire to ensure that every student who wishes to compete and participate in sport, also has the opportunity to do so and to allow all of Team York to share in Sport.

  1. Opening up Focus Sport - The focus sport program has a lot of potential, however it needs improving to prevent exclusion and address it’s current underperformance. The focus sport program has been neglected such that it currently only includes strength and conditioning. Success in sport is dependant on more than just physical performance and the focus sport program should reflect this. Furthermore, different teams require different assistance at different times of the year. The program needs to be tailored more to the needs of the teams it’s intended to cater for.

  1. Breaking Down Barriers - Cost should never be a barrier for participation. This year as Sport Treasurer with YUSU, I’ve done my best to ensure that all clubs can provide their members with opportunity to engage in sport without an excessive cost burden. However, there is definitely still more to be done, especially for smaller clubs. To help remove costs to the individual from being a barrier to participation I want to help fund gender neutral, non-personalised kit for small clubs, to enable them to sustain their growth into the future.

  1. Supporting College Sport - The size and quality of the college sport system has grown so much recently. I think it’s really important that the participation in college sport is matched with the level of support that college athletes deserve. I want to introduce qualified external officials to the college sport system to enable the quality of college sport to reach its potential.

  1. Get Qualified - It’s really important that we recognise that participation in sport comes in more forms than just athletes competing on the pitch. Students have passions for the officiating and coaching of sport and I believe that it’s an opportunity that should be awarded to all students. There is an incredible benefit to be gained by both the individuals and the Sport Union on a whole, if we provide opportunities for students to gain a qualification. That qualification enables students to then improve the quality of sport on offer at York.

  1. York Sport Spotlight - Every week there are stories of the sporting success of York athletes that aren't given the attention that they deserve. I want to help showcase performances of all York athletes by streaming and broadcasting different women’s men’s, uni and college fixtures so that all of team York can share in York’s sporting success.

  1. Foundation for Fundraising - York features a number of sport clubs that year on year, maintain their commitment of raising awareness and funds for charities that are close to their heart. We all have causes, that for our own personal reason, we are willing to devote our time and money to. One of my commitments will be to help eliminate the challenges that clubs face in supporting their chosen cause and allow them to maximise their charitable contribution. I want to help unify the charitable efforts of clubs whilst providing them with a larger platform on which they can promote the causes they are committed to.

  1. Commitment to Mental Health - There is an abundance of documentation that highlight the positive links between mental health and sport. Exercise is good for mind, body and soul, the inclusion in a sport team reinforces all three of these benefits. The work of previous Presidents and Equal Opportunities officers has laid a good groundwork to build upon for the future however there is still more to be done. I want to address the stigmas that still exist in sport and re-orientate the dialogue at York from being reactionary to being preventative.

  1. Freeing up Facilities- York has some terrific facilities available to students. Their use is however often too expensive and too restricted. York Sport needs to be made to work for the students it’s been established to cater for. A more mutually beneficial relationship can develop through a more progressive dialogue ensuring that York Sport is offering the products that students desire.

My mainfeto is focused on ensuring that sport at York can reach its full potential. It’s so important that we are constantly raising the bar of what we can achieve through Sport and remain focused on including as many as possible to share in all that sport has to offer. To help take Sport at York in the right direction, remember, Jago’s the way to go, so vote Jago for Sport Pres.