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NUS Delegate Candidate



  • Push NUS to create effective campaigns and solutions that combat harassment or any type of discrimination against student minorities.
  • Stand for the importance of supporting and increasing funding for mental health provisions and campaigns.
  • Defend against educational cuts, and push for providing more affordable accommodation and adequate financial support for all students.



My name is Maryam and I’m a second year undergraduate studying Biomedical Science. Alongside my studies, I’m the Liaison Officer for International Student Association and a frequent volunteer with multiple mental health projects/campaigns on at university.

If elected as NUS Delegate, I will push for policies that support students and their rights, and I will focus on defending the following points: 

  • Student Safety: Students should feel safe and secure in their studies and all universities should make this a priority. We need to stand firmly against and create effective campaigns to combat harassment and/or hate crimes on our campuses, as well as providing guidance and support for those who have experienced any type of harassment.
  • Mental Health: All students deserve quality access to mental health support and wellbeing services throughout their studies – but sadly these services are massively underfunded and understaffed. We have a nationwide epidemic and we need a national union of students that makes mental health services for students a priority.
  • Cost of living: Making university fair and accessible for all! We need to support students more in coping with the ever-increasing cost of living. This requires increasing pressure on the government to provide grants, bursaries and greater access to financial support for all students.