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Student Trustee Candidate



  • Promote the welfare of students and improve their employability prospects as efficiently as possible.
  • Increase accessibility to information about the role of the trustee board, their meetings and the kind of decisions they make.
  • Ensure that YUSU charity is well-run and is in the best interest of students and their needs.


Hi there!

My name is Maryam and I’m a second Year Biomedical Science Student, I’m currently the Liaison Officer for International Student Association and a frequent volunteer at university. I believe that our time spent at university is valuable and should be academically, socially and professionally rewarding. If elected as Student Trustee, I will do my best to ensure that the union provides the best experience possible for students through the following:

  •  I will encourage the union to provide opportunities for students to increase their employability.
  • I believe that students should be updated about the decisions made by the trustee board in a way that is easily accessible to all. 
  • I will work to ensure that decisions made by YUSU are in the best interest of the charity and the student body while promoting diversity, equality, and integration amongst students.
  • I will be impartial when making all decisions and carefully consider the facts before taking any decision.