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Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) Officer Candidate

Nayomi Karthigesu & Hannah Joseph-Asikhia


  • Activism - Get political: getting involved in current issues affecting BAME communities not just on campus but nationwide and globally.
  • Academic - Get Colour in my curriculum - continuing the previous BAME officer’s legacy as well as more BAME open lectures.
  • Awareness - Get learnt: We want everyone on campus to know that we are here to support those who identify as BAME and to provide help.


Nayomi and Hannah for BAME Officers

Awareness: Get Learnt - We want all students to know that the BAME network and officers exist to support all students that identify as BAME.
Activism: Get political - We want to get students more involved in issues on and off campus
Academic: Get more colour in my curriculum - We want to push for more BAME lecturers and BAME related topics in course curriculums as well as for the public via open lectures.
Help: Get help - If you experience discrimination or lack of representation we want you to know that we’re here to help you out.


Hi! We’re Nayomi and Hannah and we’re running to become your new BAME officers for 2018/2019. We want to continue the great work of our predecessors by continuing their campaigns for “Why is our Curriculum so white?” whilst trying to improve inter-connectivity and intersectionality in the BAME agenda for the University. We want you guys to scream AAAH! for Nayomi and Hannah as BAME officers so that York knows that when you scream AAAH! you will be heard and helped.



We want everyone on campus to know about the liberation networks:

1.    A BAME representative in every college

·         Thanks to the current officers we have five BAME reps and within those colleges a strong community experience. However, there are still colleges left without it and we would like to continue the work of the preceding officers and work to establish reps for each college thus making BAME more accessible.

2.    Weekly meet-ups with college representatives

·         To further this, we want to keep meet weekly  with all the college representatives to establish and maintain a BAME community in every college.

3.    Keep working on BAME visibility on campus

·         Continuing with the Black Excellence campaign around campus and going further with recognition for BAME excellence.



To continue the work of the current BAME officers and push for a much more diverse curriculum:

1.    Continuing the ‘Why is My Curriculum White? campaign.

·         Those who identify as BAME have always had an influence and impacted academia. We would want to continue to push for a conversation that acknowledges its eurocentric standards of teaching to take place.

2.    More BAME open lectures

·         Pushing for stronger collaboration and conversation with the academic departments, and associated societies in order to offer diverse academic visibility e.g open lectures and discussions by BAME academics around BAME inclusive topics.

3.    Creating more BAME focused opportunities

·         Work on career and internship opportunities to become more visible and accessible for BAME students.



Improve interconnection and intersectionality within the BAME network

1.    Tighten our connections with the other liberation groups around campus so that no-one falls through the gaps

·         For too long many students have had to pick and choose what prejudice they want to fight against and it is clear that this should not be the case. By strengthening our bonds with the other liberation networks we want to provide a support network that benefits all students so that every student is represented and supported and heard.

2.    Increased awareness of intersectionality within BAME

·           We want to continue our weekly meet-ups that discuss matters relating to BAME but encourage all students to attend so that everyone can teach and learn about the different intersections within BAME, e.g Disability, Gender LGBTQ+.

3.    Protest and campaigning

·         More protests connected to movements such a ‘Stand up to Racism’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’ as well as taking part in nationwide and global movements taking place right now. We also want to increase engagement in University wide events across the country.


Help / Welfare

Help students get the mental health and emotional support they need.

1.    Mental Health Awareness

·         Those who identify as BAME are shown to be the one of the groups most affected by mental health. Yet this group is the most ignored within this discussion. We would therefore continue this discussion and help to make support much more visible and much more accessible.

2.    Pushing YUSU to adopt a better structure of handling complaints about discrimination

·         Currently YUSU does not have an adequate system of dealing with discrimination when complaints are sent. We will therefore be working on changing this and try to get disciplinary action implemented when discrimination and racism are experienced.

3.    Take control of your health

·         A lot of the time with BAME members, their health issues are dismissed and ignored by doctors and other health professionals. Action therefore needs to take place centring on those who identify as BAME advocating their health issues and queries.


About Us


Nayomi is a second year PPE student and is the President of Burlesque Society and Tamil Society as well as Scene editor for York Vision. She also has 2 URY shows each week and is on committee positions in both BAME and Women’s network.  

Hannah is a first year Philosophy student who has been involved in feminist journalism outside of the university and campaigning movements as well as the BAME network.