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NUS Delegate Candidate

Lucas North


  • Active! The NUS should be all about winning for students, and I'll be calling for the NUS to be active on campuses and on the national stage
  • Accessible! NUS should be open to all students, and I'll be campaigning to make it so. All students should be able to have their voice heard
  • Accountable! NUS elected officers should be accountable to students, not just each other. I'll campaign for accountability to be open to all


Hi! I'm Lucas, and last year I was one of YUSU's delegates to NUS National Conference. This year, I want to go again to finish what I started.

I was campaigning for open and accessible democracy, where the students on our campuses could have a say in who ran our movement. This year, I'll continue that campaign, alongside others from around the country who realise that the NUS is in dire need of change.

The NUS should be fighting on things like the student housing crisis, the mental health crisis, and companies exploiting students for financial gain. I'll be supporting motions on these issues and encouraging all those elected at National Conference to consider how they can involve Students Unions and students in their campaigns so that it isn't just those in power running the show.

NUS and its officers should be accountable to all students - not just NEC or National Conference delegates. I'll be supporting a change to the way our accountability is run so that individual students can flag accountability questions and have their concerns addressed, as well as more transparency in what our full-time officers are doing between conferences. I believe delegates should also be accountable, and so I'll be holding consultations on campus to gather the views of York students and will conduct a ballot of FTO candidates to determine how I should vote in elections.

National Conference is usually a toxic and inaccessible venue for those with disabilities or divergent political views. I'll be fighting against this by encouraging all delegates to be mindful of access needs and to treat others with respect. I'll also support the move away from affiliation fees and towards cheaper or free conferences so that no students are prevented from engaging with NUS due to the financial situation of their students' union.