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Faculty Rep (Sciences) Candidate

Christian Stickels


  • Honesty: Having experience of the role I know what is and isn't possible, as such I have only promised things I know can be achieved.
  • Student voice: I believe that Student voice and having students heard is the most important thing in university as happy students do better
  • CAP: The spring exam period of 1 week is too short and stressful for students, so I’ll push for it to be 2 weeks instead


Hello, for those that don’t know me I’m Christian and I’m the current Faculty Rep as well as being a second year Maths and Physics Student.

I’m standing for re-election because I absolutely love the role I have and want to continue doing the good job I think I have been doing. Over the course of my current term I have worked with the Academic Officer to block and water down a policy on removing Combined Boards of Study, worked with my fellow faculty reps to look at opening participation in module content for people not taking those modules, challenged the views of departments on their assessment practices and got IT to work on a solution to expand the file size limit on the VLE.

If re-elected I plan on doing more of the same, holding the university to account by scrupulously reading though all 200+ paged agendas we get given several times a term, by having high level meetings with senior staff and the academic officer to discuss policy, and by continuing to help your department reps and course reps to push for change in your departments and using what influence the role gives me to encourage change by peer pressure from other departments.

Some specific policies I will be pushing for now that I have the knowledge and contacts to be able to change policy are:

  • The extension of the spring exam period to 2 weeks.

  • Making sure that students know what their assessments will look like before they sit the exams.

  • Making sure that students have access to their exam scripts.

Please feel free to email me or even just come and talk to me if you have any questions, or problems for that matter.
Thank you for reading.