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Union President Candidate

Has'san Suhail


  • YUSU: 1. Address issues before people submit policies on them; Less bureaucratic University: 1. More student engagement in decision-making.
  • Better allocation of accommodation; sign-posting welfare facilities; drop-ins at Unity Health; more buses & improving the Careers Department
  • Disabled Students – better support; East Campus – YUSU presence; Health Sciences – better representation in YUSU; International Students.

60 second Manifesto


YUSU and University

  1. YUSU
    1. President’s Advisory Council via random student generator;
    2.  More presence: pool and pint but more; pro-activeness when it comes to policies; complaint box in the VLE;
    3. Better support network and publishing termly performance of each PTO.
  2. University
    1. Ensuring better inter-departmental communication
      1. When dealing with the issue of accommodation of visiting students it was frustrating to see the accommodation department and the Centre for Global Programmes give different narrative for the same issue;
    2. An annual one-day conference by University’s administrative departments of what they have achieved over the year, and their future plans;
    3. Question Time with the Vice-Chancellor.


Student Services

  1. Accommodation
    1. The compulsory meal cost included in the rents of the east campus students should be on the opt-out basis;
    2. The allocation of accommodation should take into account if a student can afford another room without having to rely on the hardship funds for slightly expensive rooms.
  2. Health Care
    1. Mental Health – university is planning to group all well-being facilities in one building, it is important to ensure that there is better sign-posting;
    2. Unity Health – Recommence the drop-ins.
  3. Travel
    1. More buses – First Bus currently thinks their service is improving because they receive no complaints;
    2. A bus to Aldi!
    3. Pushing the council to introduce free-bikes in the city.
  4. Careers
    1. Equipping the department to understand the bias BAME students receive when they apply for jobs and thereby finding better opportunities for them;
    2. Informing students of the part-time work opportunities available in the city.


Under-represented Students

  1. Disabled Students
    1. Together York Project – as of this Year University, along with YUSU and GSA, will undertake three projects each year. I want welfare of disabled students to be one of the projects next year;
    2. Ensuring the accommodation department keeps the physical and non-physical disability separate when allocating rooms.
  2. East Campus Students
    1. Encouraging Sabbs to sit in east campus at least once a week;
    2. YUSU events and encouraging societies to have their events in East Campus.
  3. Health Sciences Students
    1. Ensuring they get rooms for a let longer than their courses;
    2. More representation within YUSU to better facilitate them.
  4. International Students
    1. Guarantor Scheme for the International Students;
    2. Put a freeze on the 2% annual increase in the fees;
    3. Ensuring Careers Department is aware of career opportunities for international students.