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International Students' Officer Candidate

Sophie Schulze

60 second Manifesto


We are more than a fifth of the students in this University and we need our representation to match our importance!

Hello, my name is Sophie, I am a twenty-year-old Theatre student from Germany. As an international student myself, I know the struggles which may occur when coming to a new environment, whether concerning practical or social aspects. It can be frightening and overwhelming, but first and foremost it is probably the most enriching and defining experience that most of us have ever been a part of.
As your International Students’ Officer, I would ensure that those pragmatic and community features will go hand in hand, so we can all make the most of our time in York.



This is a point very close to my heart, since it is of undeniable importance that not just the procedures of YUSU will be brought to you in a transparent way, but also  issues concerning money. Each and every student – especially internationals – ask themselves questions like: “Where does my money go?” or “How much do I have to pay extra?” These questions need to be answered, as handling money influences our Uni experience on a large scale.
Another matter concerning transparency is the information about where to find help. Here I would work conjointly with the Open Doors Team to ensure that all of our special needs are covered.



As an International Students Representative for James College, I know that International Students’ events are most successful when colleges work together. I will create the platform for this to happen through running date specific celebrations, like Christmas, Brazilian Carnival, Chinese New Year or Sukkot; and themed events for on, as well as off campus students who are interested in different cultures, no matter where they come from. Taking this further, I will include and collaborate with societies as well, making these events more accessible and affordable.



In these uncertain times, it is essential to raise awareness about our undeniably strong existence within this University, and to represent every individual in the utmost way possible – within the Union, within the University and within the National Union of Students.

If you offer me your vote, I will try my best to represent you in the most transparent way, keeping you updated about changes, and existing facts and to make your stay within this Union as enjoyable, satisfying and memorable as possible. All of our personal experiences matter in making this Union and the University as diverse and colourful as it should be!