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Working Class Officer Candidate

Daniel Clark


  • Empower the working class. The time is now to say no to the sneering, and the unnecessary encroachment into our private lives.
  • Reform the hidden costs of our degrees, accommodation costs, and encourage the university to stand for maintenance loan reform.
  • Represent every single student, regardless of their class. The time is now to say no to division.


Make Workers Great Again

Class is a deeply divisive issue, with people claiming it either does not exist or is no longer relevant. At the opposite end of the spectrum, there those who feel its presence in every waking step of their lives. The platform that I stand on is very simple: we must unite, and to do so we must acknowledge that the working class (for various reasons) are affected most by certain issues. As tempting as we may find it to build a wall and keep the middle class out, this is not (quite) what we should aim for. Below, you will find exactly what a vote for me as your working-class officer will mean for every single student regardless of their class.


EMPOWER the working classes. For too long, we have been denigrated and sneered at by people who claim to be concerned about our welfare. From those who act like we need somebody to hold our hands on the way to lectures to those who act like our wonderful non-teaching staff simply do not exist, we cannot allow this to continue. Therefore, I will create the social momentum to ensure that this ends, pushing for change that proves we are autonomous human beings who do not need to be treated like children. Now is the time to get the university out of our private lives, and stop this crude caricature once and for all.

REFORM the financial support our university provides. It does not take a PhD in mathematics to know that working class people, especially those from poorer backgrounds, will struggle financially at university. The maintenance loan system is broken, and the cost of accommodation is astronomically high. As well as this, students of the humanities pay the exact same tuition fees as science students but, YUSU have found, need to pay excessive amounts of money for key materials for their course. Along a similar vein, medicine and nursing students who are working class struggle with the costs of living as a result of their placement, which invalidates the opportunity for a much needed job. I will continue the work that YUSU have begun, and also lobby for this university to support a reform of both the maintenance loan system and accommodation costs.

REPRESENT every single student, present and future. When working class people lose, everybody loses. The issues raised in this manifesto do not only affect us: they affect every single person. When an environment is created in which a certain class are handled with kid gloves, and where the costs of both living and your course are far too high, we cannot hope to value every single human being equally. That’s why I will, in one of my first acts, host a consultation with a view to changing the name of this part-time officer role. The concept of a working-class officer is divisive, and I recognise this. This means that voting for me is voting no to division.

Above all, a vote for me is a vote for all of us to work to together, and truly 
 Make Workers Great Again