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Union President Candidate

Anna Spowage


  • Triple the current duck population so York tops the Duck Density league tables. Achieving this by replacing the current YUSU CEO with a democratically elected waterfowl, so students and birds have more control over YUSU and the University.
  • Build a miniature railway system that connects Hes West, Hes East, and the independent state Halifax college. This will improve lecture turn out, intercollege relations, and help students feel less isolated from the rest of campus.
  • Increase transparency on what YUSU actually can and can't achieve, and what the limitations are. Many students who feel disenfranchised with the union are doing so based on problems that only the University and third parties can address.

60 second Manifesto


I wish to triple the current duck population on campus to secure York's place at the top of the Duck Density league table because it's the only league table we could ever top. Currently, we are behind Leeds who don't even have the largest plastic-bottomed in Europe. Increasing the duck population will improve students wellbeing as their presence will be immensely calming. Furthermore, the ducks will set a standard of appropriate behaviour that hopefully, the geese will adhere to and respect. Finally, I wish for the current CEO of YUSU to be replaced by a democratically elected member of waterfowl, who has been at York for several years. This will give students more power over what their union does, and increase student/bird relations. 

Secondly, I wish to build a miniature railway system to connect Hes West, Hes East, and the independent state of Halifax college. For all those thinking why not a monorail, watch Ep 12 S4 of the Simpsons. The miniature railway will replace the currently awful system of First Bus and will be owned by the University, meaning all profits will be reinvested into improving the service. This will highly benefit all students, but more so those living on Hes East who struggle to walk through a wind tunnel to get to lectures every day. The new transportation system will also increase lecture and society event attendance, as students will be able to travel between campuses with ease. Additionally, this would be a huge unique selling point to attract new University of York students. 

My final manifesto point is one to increase transparency about what the student union can and cannot realistically achieve. More specifically, removing pressure from elected officers who were normally students months before. Many people who say they do not like YUSU, do so based on issues that they cannot resolve. A recent example of this being more storage space for societies. Our current sabbatical officers have campaigned for this and yet the University has not addressed it. Student media are restricted in several ways on what they can and cannot say about both the union and the university. Loosening these restrictions would give students a more honest reflection on what the current issues on campus are, and where the fault lies. Increased transparency is needed on what percentage of the money the University receives from student loans and the government actually goes into YUSU and towards improvements for students.