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Union President Candidate

Nayomi Karthigesu


  • Accessibility - The University needs to be physically accessible to all students - quiet rooms and chill zones, using gender neutral terms when addressing students and having guides for students who are BAME, Disabled, Working class etc.
  • Health - Lobbying for greater funding into the Union and for students, especially for mental health help. There needs to be more support for disabled students and how to support those who suffer from mental illnesses and disabilities.
  • Accountability - I want to be held accountable for my actions and make sure others are too to ensure that everyone is doing their best possible job to help student. This also means rewarding and recognising efforts from staff and students.

60 second Manifesto


Hi everyone, my name is Nayomi and I am running to be your next YUSU President. After being involved in various societies (Tamil, York Vision, URY, SSI, Women’s Network etc.) as well as being one of the current BAME officers for the Union, I have seen some change in the Union but I know there needs to be more.


  • All of campus should be wheelchair accessible in the near future - it is not acceptable to deprive certain students of fully experiencing their university because of the Uni's failure to accommodate them.

  • There should be a clear and easy reporting system for those who have experienced sexual assault/harassment/discrimination.

  • Making sure staff and students use accessible language when addressing others, e.g. gender neutral terms.

  • Guides for students that give clear instructions about what to do if they face any issues, e.g. mental health, assault, hate crimes, as well as guides for students who are Working class, BAME, Mature, LGBTQ+, Disabled etc.

  • Having more prayer rooms that are easily reachable, especially on Hes East.

  • Installing quiet rooms/mindfulness centres for those with anxiety/ need some time out from the hubbub of campus.

  • Chill Zones, for students who want to meet and hang out around campus.

  • The SU should have more student nights on campus, including a much needed grime/hip-hop/R&B night.

  • Decolonising the Curriculum - continuing the NUS campaign to make sure that the syllabus is representative of the students being taught.

  • There should be more communication and cohesion between the Union, University and Colleges and more efforts to include students on Hes East.


  • Lobbying the University for more funding into mental health services and support.

  • Increasing awareness of mental health issues - including a session on it during the Fresher’s talk.

  • Lobbying Unity Health and Open Door for better services and more staff that are representative students and for a mental health therapist specifically.



  • Making sure the University uphold their values in helping their students.

  • Holding Sabbatical officers accountable for their actions- regular tea time chats in an accessible place for students with queries or requests.

  • Rewarding and recognising staff and students who make the university a better place.

  • Greater transparency when the University and the Union are making decisions - there should be more open meetings and consultations before changes are made to OUR university, especially concerning University budgets.

  • The Union should be more democratic - student unions across the country have a flat hierarchy with officers representing concerns of all students equally. As such, roles such as Women’s Officer should become sabbatical as well as having an Equality & Diversity Officer.

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