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Union President Candidate

Flavio Sansa

  • RON candidate

60 second Manifesto


Re-Open Nominations Manifesto:

There is a silent, apathetic majority on the campus of York University. This majority, as opposed to not feeling represented, does not currently have the means to express its voice. The Re-Open nominations campaign seeks to invest this silent majority with power of representation, and enforce their representation through the means of a reformed student union body. As a campaign, RON does not represent seeking of success for an individual, yet employs the presidential vote to express call for reform amongst a silent, unrepresented majority of students.


There is a sharp divide between the aforementioned majority and York University Students Union. This is in part due to communication failure between the union and our student body, alongside a clogged bureaucracy which acts to stilt student voice. Each year, a group of eager, well-meaning and ambitious candidates line up, prepared to commit an immense amount of time in achieving election. Reform appears to be ignored after success in these elections, with issues of substance addressed in manner which is piecemeal and not systematic.  Re-opening the nominations for YUSU president is the only vessel by which the silent majority of students can seek real change.


Upon election, Re-Open Nominations will seek to address a substantial number of issues present within York University Students Union:


  1. To reconnect York University Students Union with those students with which it has fallen out of touch.

  2. To further democratise union processes.

  3. To remove any potential censorial atmosphere present within the union.

  4. To address the issue of membership to the heavily indebted National Union of Students.

  5. To centralise policy, making broad steps away from dogmatism.

  6. Carve a space within the union where students may take action for change.

  7. To address issues of student participation in YUSU.

  8. To establish strong accountability with regards to unelected YUSU officials.

  9. To foster an air of development and reform within YUSU, whilst altering its public image and affiliations.

  10. Decentralise the influence of YUSU upon societies and colleges.


Part of what makes York a great university is the vibrancy, creativity, and dedication of its student body. These virtues are reflected by all the amazing societies and groups which form an important basis for university life.

It’s time YUSU truly spoke on behalf of the body it’s meant to represent, and it’s the RON campaign’s belief that institutional aspects of YUSU itself are holding us all back.

We all benefit from giving a greater mandate for change to whoever becomes the next president of YUSU, but RON needs to happen first for such a mandate to be present.

(Do not vote for Flavio, vote for Re-open nominations)