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Community & Wellbeing Officer Candidate

Steph (Effy) Hayle


  • Financial Support - Research, then fight to rework the Bursary & Hardship Fund so it can appropriately support all those who need it.
  • Stress Management - Fight to streamline & support Exceptional Circumstances applications, & extend "Keep Your Cool" into all exam seasons
  • Max. Price - Lobby to include a “maximum price” option in the initial uni housing application, so you aren't assigned unaffordable property.

60 second Manifesto



Hi, my name’s Steph. I’m a third-year Criminology Student and I want to represent YOU as Community and Wellbeing Officer.

I want YUSU and the University to be as accessible and open as possible, and I hope my manifesto shows that I am a passionate and driven person, who can use all my experience to fight to make this happen. It’s important to make YUSU more engageable so we can really push student interests in both the University and York in general and get the best support available for all students here.  
Everyone deserves to get the absolute best experience out of Uni, and I want to ensure we have the support and assistance available for people to get it.

So get involved, get engaged, and say #HAYLEYEAH to my manifesto pledges.


#HayleYeah Community:

  • Student Support:
    • Fight to rework the bursary and hardship fund so it can appropriately support all those who need it. Need student feedback to more suitably allocate funding – conduct student research for the finance department to enable changes to be made.
    • Health Sciences Students – ensure facilities for these students are improved, e.g. let times, facilities, events etc.
    • Lobbying the council and University so student voice is heard on important issues; such as living off campus, salting the pavements, other student halls etc. Improves student/resident relations and aids accessibility to campus.
  • Existing Networks:
    • Provide more meetings and feedback opportunities for college VC’s and liberation reps. Help facilitate wellbeing events to ensure colleges are fostering a strong community vibe and people feel a sense of belonging whilst studying here.
    • Involve Nightline and NightSafe more with Community and Wellbeing – invite reps to attend LibWelf meetings and feedback on issues they think need tackling. Using existing resources more effectively.
  • Wider York Area:
    • Work with the Activities Officer to expand on opportunities to volunteer or participate in events and groups within the city. Working directly with locals and ensuring recognition for students involved.
    • Working alongside the council to ensure student/resident relationships are continuously improving. Ensure the feedback loop between community and student is transparent and easily engageable.


#HayleYeah Wellbeing:

  • Health:
    • Dental health - this is the biggest reason for student 111 calls in recent years. Lobby the council to improve the availability of dental services across York, and promote the available services to students. Advertising as one would with registering for Doctors Surgeries. 
    • Listen to student feedback on existing health services and lobby to improve these in line with student interests.
    • Mental Health – Keep pushing the current agenda of improving student mental health by providing workshops and training to group leaders across societies, courses, and colleges.
  • Academic Stress:
    • \"Keep Your Cool\", ensuring these events occur not just during summer exams, but during January ones too, as well as major deadline seasons!
    • Exceptional Circumstances – continue working on the research around problems with the current system for applying. Working alongside the Academic Sabbatical Officer. Fight to ensure there is a consensus on how to apply and the criteria you must meet, with all this information easily available on the VLE.
    • Working with the Academic Officer to ensure trigger warnings for extreme content are included in lectures – either in an announcement online or spoken before the lecture – and that these are taken seriously by the lecturers.
  • Finances:
    • Lobby to include a “maximum price” option in the initial college housing application. Will help ensure students don’t get assigned housing they can’t afford and needing to apply for hardship funding to support this. Further examining the affordability of on campus-accommodation.
    • Work to create a database of part time jobs available in the city for students throughout the years where local employers can easily advertise. Makes finding a job around your degree more accessible and time effective for all students.


#HayleYeah Liberation:

  • Lobby for greater support for disabled students:
    • University’s classification for disability is confusing. All grouped.
    • Work to ensure accommodation is allocated correctly for students, so those with both physical and mental disabilities receive the best support and location possible.
    • Work alongside the council to provide transport options for those with physical disabilities to help with transport costs, and support students moving off campus if they can no longer afford to live here.
  • Create Liberation Guides to York
    • York’s nightlife and facilities are often slated and overlooked when people look at the city as a possible study location. I want to create guides to York that promote inclusive and accessible events and venues. e.g. LGBT+ guide promoting club nights, events, pride times, societies and networks etc,
    • Also offer support for inclusive student run events, e.g. promotion for BAME events both on and off campus, from one off guest talks to Black History Month.
  • Greater support for Trans. and Non-Binary Students.
    • Work alongside LGBT+ officers to provide an easily accessible guide for students transitioning whilst at university or who wish to change their pronouns.
    • Help students understand how to change their names, pronouns etc. both legally and within the university
    • Provide greater access to mental and physical health services to help combat high rate of health issues amongst LGBT+ students.


So why am I the best person for the job?

Ultimately this role comes down to drive and commitment. I want to show you that I am truly passionate about improving the lives of all students across the university, those in liberation groups, those outside, and those who haven't yet found their place here. I am not afraid to challenge the University, YUSU, or the Council to make sure I am doing what is best for the people I will represent. 

Since coming to University I have been the Community and Wellbeing VC for James College and also part of the Disabled Students and Women's Network, helping to push the \"Invisible Disabilities\" campaign. I have experience working with the Wellbeing Officer and understand some of the complexities of the role, and just how important their work is to University life. Before university, I worked for a while in a political office, working closely with local govt. and students, so again, I have experience in working with the council to actually get things done. More than anything though, I am incredibly driven to improve student life at York. 

Everyone deserves to get the absolute best experience out of Uni, and I want to ensure we have the support and assistance available for people to get it.