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York Sport President Candidate

Zac Sheppard


  • Inclusivity - Creating a stronger York Sport Community and Making sport at York open and inclusive for everyone
  • Integration - Integrating York Sport Union with local charities and the community and Making clubs lives easier
  • Impact - Improving all-round performance and A bigger emphasis on college sport

60 second Manifesto


Hi! My name is Zac Sheppard and I’m running to be your York Sport President. I have absolutely loved my 3 years of being involved in sports at York, and want to dedicate my next year to making our York Sport Union the best it can be. My policies centre around improving inclusivity, better integration and above all having an impact on our York Sport Union. Here are some of the ways I would do this and why you should Back Zac for Sports:


Creating a stronger York Sport Community

More York Sport Union events: bringing clubs together:

  • Introducing new fundraising events such as a York Sport Colour Run, inter-club darts tournament, A Question of York Sport and more..

  • Working with commercial services to put on more in campus bars and on the new screen on Greg’s Place around major professional sports events.

  • A celebration around Roses, including expanding the Saturday club night!

“One To Watch” every BUCS Wednesday:

  • Selecting and highlighting an important BUCS fixture each week, a promotion clash, a relegation crunch-match, or local derby.

  • Promoting this on social media, screens around campus and through student media.

  • Encouraging anyone to come down and watch, engaging more people with York Sport and our clubs performance - making sport at York a truly social experience for all.

Making sport at York open and inclusive for everyone

‘JUST PLAY’ - A New Recreational Sports Programme

  • Expanding Give It A Go to include a weekly timetable of recreational sporting opportunities.

  • Working with clubs to include their beginners sessions using a pay-as-you-go option, helping clubs to attract new members throughout the year.

  • An easily accessible online timetable, allowing students to try new sports throughout the year.

  • Offer more opportunities for students to take part in one off sports activity, as well as giving them an easy way to join clubs if they don’t sign up at freshers fair.

  • Sessions will be open to everyone regardless of ability or background.

Expansion of Equal Opportunities

  • Making Equal Opportunities Sessions open and accessible to all college club execs.

  • Working with liberation officers, charities and professionals in sports to ensure the Equal Opportunities scheme is varied and useful to clubs.

  • Using Roses as an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of York Sport Union members, using a #IAmYork campaign.


Integrating York Sport Union with local charities and the community

York Sport Clubs in the Community:

  • Creating a volunteer scheme where clubs can sign up to deliver a session of their sport to local partner schools or clubs;

  • This will help to inspire children to get into sport, and bringing students and the community closer together by fostering positive relationships - an important local issue.

  • Linking major campaigns with this scheme, such as a girls sports day during #ThisBUCSGirlCan week.

Building on York Sport Union’s charity work:

  • Voting on an official York Sport Union charity at the start of the year (clubs are still free to fundraise for their own charity partnerships).

  • Setting a target for the year encompassing fundraising around major events such as Roses, any contributing clubs fundraising, and new charity events.

  • Creating a special RAG award at the Colours Ball for the club that has raised the most for charity over the year.

Making clubs lives easier

Improving the links between clubs, the union, and York Sport:

  • Working with York Sport to create a system where up to date facilities bookings are accessible online for all clubs (university and college).

  • Offering sign up for termly meetings between club execs and myself, including any college teams, so I can help solve the problems that matter to your club.

  • Asking clubs for the opportunity to personally attend team trainings, events or socials, meeting as many members as possible in order to hear and help with their ideas.

Improving kit ordering:

  • A simple process when ordering kit, including a clear point of contact at Akuma.

  • Encouraging Akuma to set up an online shop, so club orders are easy to organise.

  • Aiming to reduce waiting time between the start of kit orders and players receiving their kit.


Improving all-round performance

A New Pre-Season Clash

  • Before BUCS starts a day of pre-season fixtures for as many clubs as possible against another university.

  • Provides match practice and builds the Team York mentality, so teams are ready to compete in the first week.

Providing performance benefits to more clubs:

  • Opportunity for a one-on-one meeting with a S&C coach at the start of the year, who can provide information about sport specific exercises for each club.

  • Providing informative talks on motivation, sports psychology and more from sports experts.

  • Aim to increase the funding for the performance program through external sponsorship, so more teams can have full access and then be long-term beneficiaries, with 2 or 3 year cycles.

Development squads:

  • Working with bigger clubs to set up development squads with weekly training.

  • Offers an opportunity for players to supplement playing college with extra training, allows them to improve quicker and challenge for a team place.

Highlighting clubs performance

  • A weekly round up of all Wednesday BUCS fixture results on facebook, including their league performance.

  • Showcasing the results of non-BUCS clubs at individual championships/competitions with a new focus feature on social media.

Creating a Student Coach and Referee Development Programme:

  • Using the existing under-utilised coaching budget to set up a series of regular courses in a variety of university and college sports.

  • Work with National Governing Body initiatives and the university to provide subsidies for students partaking, who are gaining useful qualifications.

  • Improving the standard of club coaching and providing regular volunteers something to aim for.

Lots more on college sport…

College Sport Championship:

  • Expanding and promoting the year round overall points competition between colleges;

  • Culminating in College Sport Finals Day at the end of the summer term where the winning college is crowned.

  • Each sport and event is important for your college, helps to build on the inter-college rivalry.

Expanding college sport:

  • Continuing to expand the existing college sport leagues, including an extra netball league, indoor cricket, weekly women’s football and touch rugby.

  • Lobbying colleges to provide a minimum funding for their sports teams that can be spent on equipment, events or facilities.

  • Putting on more college sport events, East vs West matches, barbarian teams and helping colleges to find/run their own varsities.


I have the know-how and skills to put these policies into action, through experience at every level of sport at York. I have been a member of the university tennis club for 3 years, and was vice-president in a year where we doubled membership, raised nearly £1000 for charity and my team won Team of the Year at Colours Ball. I have worked a lot on college sport, firstly through being James Sports Vice-Chair and then as College Sport Officer, and I am passionate about supporting the benefits of the collegiate system. I have experience of organising a home Roses as Tournament Secretary on the York Sport Committee, and would love to repeat the successes of 2017, in 2019. I have also worked at York Sport Centre as a part time coach and tennis ambassador, so have already established and will maintain a good relationship. Additionally, this year I have worked in YUSU as BUCS assistant, so I know the staff, understand how to push policy through fast and know what will enhance club performance. After my degree I want to work full time in university sports programmes so would put my absolute all into the role of sports president and delivering a successful year that works for all.

So please Back Zac for Sports President!