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Environment and Ethics Officer Candidate

Cameron 'Plant Boi' Naylor


  • Help the hedgehogs! Increase the number of hedgehog hotels on campus to help keep our spiky friends safe
  • Work with catering outlets to increase the number of vegan options available and reduce food waste
  • More potted plants around campus, fertilised by the goose poo which is currently coating the footpaths


Hi, I’m Cameron and I’m running to be your YUSU Environment & Ethics Officer this year. I would do what I can to ensure that the events and activities run by YUSU have minimal environmental impact but maximum fun.

As an animal lover I would love to do more to raise awareness about how to protect and care for the hedgehogs in the local area and provide information so students know how to help a hedgehog in distress and protect our spiky friends! It would be great to get more hedgehog hotels around campus and help keep the local wildlife safe. I would like to work with the YUSU catering outlets to increase vegan options to enable students to more easily follow a sustainable and ethical diet, and to work to reduce food waste. I would also like more potted plants in university buildings as they are a great addition to any room and would be great in study spaces. I also propose that we implement measures to ensure the prompt removal of goose droppings from campus and use them as fertilizer for the plants and allotments because nobody likes to step in goose poo.

I am the right person for the job as I have already led successful environment events as Halifax Environment Officer and I'm committed to helping the university remain at the forefront of sustainability. Also I like hedgehogs.

Please vote for me for happy hedgehogs, vegan options, less goose poo and potted plants!