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Student Activities Officer Candidate

Ollie Martin


  • Update and Improve YUSU Events - Improve the spaces students use, utilise student talent on campus and get students involved with the nights they love
  • Better acknowledgement of the amazing efforts and skills of students in all student groups - Improve the York Award and better recognition from the University for the value activities bring to University
  • Improved access to activities all year round - A Refreshers fair in term two, continue to build and expand the Give It A Go scheme so no one feels like they've missed the boat on getting involved

60 second Manifesto


Hi I’m Ollie Martin and I’m running to be your next activities officer. I’m a fourth year studying Electronic Engineering with Music technology systems from Halifax College.

My Three Key Policies

Update and Improve YUSU Events - YUSU events reach the most students out of anything run by YUSU, whether that be Summer ball, Marmite, or the YUSU official club nights. These events struggle to give students what they want and often don’t reach the standard that York students deserve. With the breadth and quality of talent that is displayed by college committees, student groups, and independent events; I think YUSU miss out on a huge opportunity to support and benefit from this and give students what they want. Lets get students more involved with the nights they love.

Better acknowledgement of the amazing efforts and skills of students in all student groups - Students develop a huge range of professional and interpersonal skills through their involvement in activities at York. These skills are exceptionally important to employers, and bring huge value to the University, but this needs to be better recognised. The York award must be updated to provide students with the recognition they deserve, which goes under-appreciated by the University itself.

Improved access to activities all year round - First term is always exceptionally busy for students, and by second term many feel like they’ve missed the boat on activities. Holding a YUSU-led refreshers fair and continuing to improve Give It A Go would give students a more opportunities to join in with activities, so no one feels like they’re missing out on ultimately improving their university experience.

Events and Entertainment

  • Create YUSU events committees to allow better student input for all YUSU events.

  • Help to connect student groups, college committees, club night organisers, photographers, visual artists ect. Creating a forum for conversations which just aren't supported on campus at the moment.

  • Bring back live music to campus - I know its ambitious, but it’s been 35 years since Geldof smashed the stage up, Jimi Hendrix has played at York! It’s time to take a look at campus hosting acts regularly again

  • Improve College/YUSU relationship - Both YUSU and the Colleges do fantastic work but a lot can be done to improve their communication

  • With YUSU now owning all the campus bars we have more power than ever to shape them. Let’s look into improving our venues to serve as better, multifunctional spaces for student groups and events

  • Promote student’s talents across the University - give student photographers, graphic designers, performers etc. a more formalised chance to get their skills utilised by other student groups through a skilled students roster as part of the resource hub


  • Better promotion and improvement to the Resource Hub - A wealth of information can be found on every aspect of running a society, event, or fundraiser, yet most students have no idea it exists

  • Create a database where societies can record and report on the success and failures of their events, preventing valuable knowledge being lost between committees, and allow information to be shared more easily between student groups

  • Societies swaps - Encourage interaction between societies for joint socials, fundraising and Give It A Go

  • Ensure student groups are always considered in the University’s expansion plans

  • Lobby to make Planon and Room booking easier to use, help to ensure spaces on campus are used to their full potential, and are as accessible, and as versatile as possible

RAG and Volunteering

  • Continue to support RAGs amazing work with our beneficiaries, but also provide provision and support for one off and non-partner charity events

  • Better consolidate RAG efforts between YUSU, Colleges, Sports and Activities

  • Promote local Volunteering projects to improve the relationship between students and the community


  • Continue to work closely with student media organisations to ensure the Media Charter stays relevant and works best for everyone

  • Promote media visibility across campus - URY playing in YUSU venues, support for more YSTV coverage and let’s look into improving the distribution of physical media

My Experience

I am the former Vice President for Events on the Halifax College Student Association, I was president of the York University Mountaineering Club for two years, Treasurer for Music production society, and I lead the fundraising by all clubs on campus for the Movember Foundation, helping the University raise over £22000 in the last two years.

Over the last 3 and a half years I’ve worked with YUSU on a wide range of projects, I’ve seen the strengths and weaknesses in YUSU from the outside, and I’m excited to finally get the chance to change them from the inside.