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International Students' Officer Candidate

Jessica Rendini and Sorhna Perrot


  • Improvement of the representativeness for international students
  • Raising awareness on main issues faced by international students
  • Enhancement of the international student social life

60 second Manifesto


Hello, we are Jessica and Sorhna and we are running as international student officers. We want to integrate all cultures together, have a better representation as an association and work with the international societies.

I am Jessica, from Tanzania. Currently, the Liaison Officer for the International Student’s Association. This position has offered me an insight of how the association operates and how important it is to work alongside with international reps from all the colleges on campus.

Hey, I am Sorhna, from France. Last year, I was a Travel editor for Nouse, so I had the opportunity to point out the value of different cultures through the student newspaper. Putting people’s diversity in the spotlight is something I really enjoy, and I wish that I will be able to represent all the different cultural identities there are on campus.


Our aims:


  • Raise awareness on issues international students face

Get a timetable up for International Freshers in September and January

Initiate talks to discuss issues, which international students face, and find, or share solutions to overcome these problems.

Pair up second and third years to guide first years through their York experience

Keep a close partnership with wellbeing officers, so issues are dealt with great care


  • Create an international social life by offering more international events

Offer cultural food nights and watch, learn more about each other’s culture: through documentaries and films

College international competitions outdoors during very beginning of Autumn term, or Summer term

Continue the 5 side football tournament

Have international nights once a term to celebrate how diverse we are!

Host fundraising events

  • Improving the classic coffee afternoons

Have career workshops during coffee afternoon hours (3-5pm)

Watch international events such as EuroVision or Miss Universe as we have coffee


  • Expanding partnership with cultural student societies

Continue Global Week tradition

Continue to support international societies in their development on campus, helping them to reach out towards the events they plan

Support college team to help out international students, at a college level

Have further cooperation with international societies


  • Improve the representative system

Create surveys to know what international students think

Take into account new suggestions through better feedbacks

Rise up the accessibility of International student, with a short delay of response (~12h max.) on Facebook or by email


Make sure to vote for us, we will be releasing a plan every term, based on your feedbacks.


With Jess and Sorhna, you’ll feel right at home!