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Working Class Officer Candidate

Joe Willis


  • Introduce schemes to increase recruitment of working class students, via publicising of bursaries and increased support.
  • Better provision for the current working class population we have at York by establishing a Working Class Network under LibWelf.
  • Organise a efficient processes for the reporting and tackling of class-based discrimination against students.


I believe that if given the opportunity to represent the working class population of York, we could make York a brilliant and more representative place of study for those who have struggled with class based discrimination in the past.

As it stands, York as both a city and a university is increasingly becoming a hostile environment for the working class. House prices are some of the highest in the country; societies such as the Tory Association and other groups patronise the working class and this must change. As Working Class Officer I would introduce a wide variety of support and processes to better integrate, represent and advance the working class of the University of York. An extensive system for the reporting of class-based discrimination would be put into place, with a comprehensive response process that aims to prevent it in the first place. I would also establish a network for the working class under the liberation and welfare committee, allowing us to see better representation as a social group.

I hope I can rely on your vote for Working Class officer and we can push for equality together.