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Faculty Rep (Sciences) Candidate

Zoe Disley


  • Consistency of workload and difficulty between modules at the same stage
  • Mentoring with students doing the same course so as to be as relevant as possible
  • Seminars on exam material towards the end of term in the place of tutorials


Hello, I’m Zoe, a second year biomedical science student (the girl with the pink hair!) and am running for the role of science faculty rep. Over my time as a science undergraduate at York, I have noticed a few things that I would like to improve which is why I am running for the role. Firstly, i would like some kind of regulation on modules – workload and difficulty vary widely and can leave students swamped depending on the options they choose to study. Workshops can be helpful to solidify lecture material, but I would also like to see the addition of seminars to our timetables towards the end of term so material can be discussed in smaller groups. These could possibly replace tutorials at the end of term timetable-permitting as these often are not as useful as the workload picks up in preparation for assessments. I currently do not have any seminars in my course so I feel there is definitely scope for this. On the subject on relevance, I would like to address the topic of mentoring. I think this is a great idea, but some students are not put with a mentor studying their course (I for example was offered a chemistry student as there were no biomed/biology available). This makes it difficult to discuss modules as they often do nothing the same and the support cannot be delivered.