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Working Class Officer Candidate

Dominic Whitley


  • To prevent those from a lower socioeconomic background from dropping out of university, which studies have highlighted to be a major problem
  • To assist those in employment, who as a consequence struggle to meet deadlines, and join in on everything the university has to offer.
  • To be the first point of contact to those who may feel less confident in reaching out to someone based on their background.


I am running for the position of working-class officer to make a real difference to those who are in the minority of the student body. From growing up in an area which in 1 month recorded a total of 1736 crimes, to working in the public services, to attending a poorly rated school to working multiple jobs whilst in full time study, i have witnessed first hand the obstacles and disadvantages those from a lower socioeconomic background have to tackle to attend a university such as York. I have also witnessed the obstacles and difficulties those from a working-class background have when they finally reach university, and it is something i will devote my time to eroding, giving more students the chance to have a more overall positive experience when they attend university.