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Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) Officer Candidate

Karla and Zainab


  • We want to increase awareness of the BAME network, by reaching out to students through effective promotion of events and opportunities.
  • We want make the Network more inclusive in terms of representation, career pathways and activities. We aim to do this by working with a number of YUSU societies and other student liberation networks.
  • We want to make BAME a safe space for student to gather, discuss and campaign on ethnic-minority issues.


Karla and Zainab: The Power on Your Side

Hi, we are Karla and Zainab and we are running to be your next BAME Officers! We are running for this position as we want to make BAME a visible network to ensure each one of us is well represented within the University.

I am Karla and I am a second year PPE student from Ecuador. I believe my previous experience as a Young Interpreter has prepared me with interpersonal, organisation and communication skills which will be valuable for this position.  

I am Zainab and I am a second year Economics and Politics student, originally from Somalia. My current committee roles have enabled me to gain the necessary leadership and organisation skills for this role.

As BAME Officers, we aim to create a space for students to gather, discuss and campaign on ethnic-minority issues. We want to create weekly newsletters to keep BAME students updated on the work we are doing, upcoming events, and the latest opportunities. We want to do all of this while ensuring BAME still is the social network you can rely on.



We want to organise a wide range of activities for BAME students to make the network more inclusive and engaging.

  • We are planning on hosting ‘Honestly vol. I’ for the first time ever. This will be a series of interesting discussions, which will provide BAME students with the opportunity to voice their opinions and become aware of pressing issues. Through this, we hope to gain an insight into the changes you would like us to bring forward to YUSU and the University.
  • We aim to work with minorities societies to host exciting activities for BAME students to get involved in. For example, inter-societies charity sports tournaments and some off-campus events.  

  • We plan on celebrating different cultures through organised campaigns, especially during Black History Month and National Hispanic Heritage Month.



We want to increase awareness of all the amazing career opportunities available for BAME students.

  • ‘An evening with an immigrant’ event will consist of bringing professionals who were born outside the UK to share with us their success stories, and how they managed to tackle some common issues minority ethnicities may face.
  • We will be holding numerous career fairs to give you the opportunity to network! We will make sure that these events will be catered not only for students interested in a corporate career but, also those interested in working in STEM and more niche careers.  

  • Through our weekly newsletters, we are planning on announcing exclusive BAME career opportunities offered by top firms and within the public sector, along with opportunities related to entrepreneurship.   

  • We will organise workshops which will enable BAME students to build on their employability skills such as public speaking, interview, and more.



We want to create a space for BAME students to express any issues they may face to ensure that they have the best university experience.

  • Based on our time at the University, we recognise the importance of having someone there to advise you. For this reason, we want to play a big sister role for the current and future students, by holding weekly informal drop-ins and promoting our email as a form of contact. Through this, we aim to provide a safe space BAME students can use to discuss any concerns.
  • We want to ensure that all BAME students are aware of the mental health services provided by the University.

  • We want to push for a zero tolerance policy towards racism, physical/sexual assault, hate speech and other misconducts.

  • We want to work with the YUSU Wellbeing Officer to ensure the implementation of an anonymous reporting system, which will encourage disclosure of misconduct.



We plan to work with and signpost other student liberation networks throughout the University.  

  • We will hold regular meeting with the BAME college representatives to establish and maintain a BAME community in every college.
  • We will continue pushing for a much more diverse curriculum through the ‘Why is My Curriculum White?’ campaign. Currently, many modules are very eurocentric and we would like to expand this to include more BAME academics, who have made a significant impact in various disciplines.


Thank you for reading, and remember to vote for Karla and Zainab as your next BAME Officers!