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NUS Delegate Candidate

James Eyermann


 I’m James Eyermann - a PPE student from Goodricke College. Over my three years at York, I have played an active and wide-ranging role in University life; from being a Vision editor to Alumni officer of the Club of PEP. I am passionate about representing the student community, as your delegate I will strive to ensure the NUS represents all students.


My priorities as Delegate are:

1. Transparency - Who is the NUS president? Can you name any NUS policies? As your delegate, I'll keep you updated on the conference and NUS policies and events throughout the year via Facebook, Twitter and live stream.

2. Depoliticizing the NUS – Currently, the NUS takes positions on a raft of national issues totally unrelated to students, I’ll push to create an NUS which focuses on the issues that matter to students, leaving aside national political point scoring.

3. Making the NUS More Representative -  A majority of NUS officials are in their late 20´s and haven’t been students for years – they’re nothing more than career politicians.  If you vote for me, I’ll provide a strong voice for students at York and would love to listen to your views on policies before conference and during the year.

 4. Campaigning To Introduce One Student, One Vote – Only the 1000 delegates attending conference have a say over who becomes NUS president, the person who speaks on behalf of over two million students – until this democratic deficit is closed the NUS will continue to function as a pressure group which alienates the vast majority of students. 

5. Promote Free Speech – As your delegate, I’ll promote free speech and try and prevent no platforming on campus.


The NUS should be seen as more than just a discount card.

If the right delegates are elected the NUS can be transformed into an organisation that puts students’ interests first.

Vote James Eyermann for NUS Delegate!