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Union President Candidate

Hector Macduff


  • Mental Health: Mental Health is of paramount importance
  • Campus Improvements: Improvements to campus making it easier for everyone to get around
  • New Night Bus Route: Making students nights out easier and safer

60 second Manifesto


Hi my name is Hector Macduff and I'm running for YUSU Pres. Not having been a collage chair or having previously worked with YUSU I'm not the typical student to run for the role, but I believe the union is in need of a president who represents the average student. I'm proud to say I crowd sourced my policies talking to various different student groups attempting to achieve a new consensus on what they'd like the future of the university to look like, the following policies are what a diverse group of students agreed upon. 


  1. New night bus route

    1. Extending the coverage not only makes a lot of students life’s easier but safer

      1. Current night bus doesn’t cover area with large amounts of students

      2. This could be done by making an additional/ longer route to cover places such as Tanghall and Melrosegate

  2. Half English Breakfasts

    1. To encourage integration of international students into the wider student body

      1. Holding a once a week/ fortnightly breakfast on the weekend where international students and english students can have a free breakfast if they sit together, encouraging them to talk to each other and integrate over a meal.

  3. Campus improvements:

    1. Making the average students life easier

    2. Expanding Vanbrugh Bridge

      1. Making it easier for people to cross the bridge

    3. Continuing to develop the hes east community

      1. Bringing Hes east into the fold regarding student events and activities

        ii. setting aside a designated Wudu area on hes east for Muslim students

    4. Making the university more accessible for everyone

  4. Continued development of mental health support faculties:

    1. The University is consistently ranked as one of the the worst in the UK for dealing with and attitudes towards mental health, this is not reflective of the student community and we have to do better.

      1. Encourage the further development and expansion of mental health faculties at the university. By working with the university and mental health charities to help increase the efficiency and capacity of the current system.    

  5. Pre with the Prez

    1. Events are fun

      1. At least once a term on a Friday night holding pre’s on campus from 9 till 11:30 in a Hes West location alternating with hes east location (presumably Glass house)

      2. To improve students sense of community/ nights out and friday night

  6. Two heads are better than one:

    1. If elected I will examine my fellow candidates most popular and achievable policy goals and assuming they’re not in conflict with any other policies of mine attempt to implement them, as the president shouldn’t be focused on personal pride but what is best for the student community and good ideas come from multiple sources.

  7. Supporting student media

    1. York’s student media societies are award winning and should be supported and recognised as such

      1. Granting student media greater independence from YUSU

      2. Seriously examine the possibilities to increase funding

      3. Increase promotional opportunities for events