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Student Activities Officer Candidate

Jack Rewcroft


  • Inclusivity - get as many people as possible involved in societies and work with liberation groups to break down the barriers.
  • Collaboration - get more societies working together on events, and get RAG and Volunteering collaborating with societies.
  • Engagement - More Give It a Go to show that its never to late to get involved in activities.

60 second Manifesto


My time at university would not have been the same had it not been for societies.  The amount of friends and experiences I have gained have been hugely beneficial to my well being, as well as my personal confidence. 

My main goal is to make activities a universal experience for all students, establishing the importance of our societies and media groups not just for freshers, but also for mature students (and everyone in between!).

A student election would be nothing without buzzwords, here are three for you! Inclusivity, Collaboration and Engagement (ICE!)


  • I believe it’s vital to improve the accessibility of activities to all students. 
  • The well-intentioned freshers fair ‘accessibility hour’ had serious flaws, and I will work with the disability network and other liberation networks to improve it. 
  • Simple changes such as large print flyers and more informed society representatives can go a long way to achieve this. 
  • Within societies I will empower members to feel comfortable voicing concerns regarding well-being by increasing the amount of contact hours between society members and myself, building on the work of Mikey’s Activities to make it more well-being focused.


  • Why can’t all the societies collaborate on something that isn’t just freshers fair.      
  • I want increased collaboration between societies, ensuring they work together more enthusiastically and more successfully. 
  • Each section of the societies (e.g. campaigning/political, media, academic/departmental, special interest. etc.) will have a separate facebook group so that they can communicate with each other and promote engagement.
  • In media there is a culture of joining one group and not being allowed to join another, which fosters an antisocial and unwelcoming atmosphere
  • Working together can get more and more amazing things done. YSTV and URY are starting to do this, and Lemon Press’s radio show is one of the most popular, showing that collaboration is effective! It provides opportunity to collaborate on amazing events!
  • I'd love to organise an event which showcases all the amazing talent we have in the various performance societies to create an event York can be proud of. 


Give it a go

  • Incentivise societies to put on more give it a go sessions.
  • Will create a give it a go committee responsible for all Give It a Go events and the Give It a Go week.
  • I also want societies to be more engaged in Give It a Go.

Campus East 

  • I would encourage more societies to base themselves on Campus East. 
  • Make use of it! The new Piazza building has so much space that is crying out to be used. 
  • More Give it a go sessions need to be organised to cater to students on Campus East.

RAG and Volunteering

  • I am going to make sure more people get involved in RAG and Volunteering. 
  • The needs to be more engagement with RAG week on behalf of students! The RAG team should focus on big things that students want to do and then raise money around it, need to excite people into raising money we are students, however good the cause can’t guarantee that people will part with money without getting something out of it. 
  • Students can make a difference and improve their own experiences through engaging in RAG and volunteering.
  • I will revitalise RAG by carrying on the great work of Mikey, making these incredible causes as effective and rewarding as possible.
  • Colleges do a great job of this, and we should apply their tactics campus-wide.
  • I will energise YUSU to make sure that students know the differences between RAG and Volunteering, and make a real effort to show why they are important.
  • We need to raise awareness for all the amazing volunteering projects that students put so much hard work, as they make such a difference to people in and around York. 
  • In order to do this, I would encourage collaboration between societies, and host meetings twice a term with all college volunteering teams.

Thanks for Reading!

If you’re looking for an Activities officer who will strive to put students first Root for Rewcroft  and vote for me.