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Student Trustee Candidate

Christian Stickels


Over the course of the last year I have gained a lot of experience in policy, governance and strategic planning as a faculty rep. I have also learned about the policy making process and as such feel like I am a good fit to the role of Student trustee.

I believe that anyone who knows me would agree that I am a dedicated hard working person who puts others first. I know that that sounds like a load of hyperbole and words are easy to say but that doesn’t make it untrue. The role of Student trustee is to set policy and direction for the union and to work together with the sabbatical officer to ensure that YUSU is effectively representing students in all walks of life. I will do this by listening to all students who approach me, the liberation groups and by encouraging YUSU to frequently run surveys such as the student life survey they are currently running and you should all complete.

In my experience of creating and scrutinising policy I have learned to read everything. It’s often the most mundane of proposals which have the biggest unseen impacts and my biggest promise is to read everything, to attend all the meetings and always speak my mind. 

In terms of policy I aim to change the quorum rules for YUSU so that abstaining is no longer more powerful than voting against and I will generally actively work to promote democracy and Student voice within YUSU and make sure we do the best we can to support as many students as possible.