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Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) Officer Candidate

Daiya Dhillon


  • Increased awareness of BAME at York
  • Increased inclusivity of BAME
  • More university-wide BAME events that are inclusive of all cultures


Hey everyone!

My name is Daiya and I’m running to be your next YUSU BAME Officer! I’m a second year student studying PPE and the current BAME Officer for Constantine College. Taking on the role for Constantine has provided an insight into what is required as a YUSU BAME Officer through my meeting and contact with the current BAME officers. If elected I want to not only maintain but also build also build on the successes of all BAME officers before me through the continuation of successful events and campaigns.


My three key manifesto pledges include an increased awareness of what BAME actually is at York, and increase in the number of events and the type of events put on by BAME and increased inclusivity of BAME.




1.     Online Presence

§  Utilising Social Media and promoting the BAME Facebook page more to ensure new students know where to find BAME and how to contact BAME

§  Creating a ‘BAME Students of York’ Instagram page which highlights the successes of individual BAME students on a weekly basis and creates a higher profile for BAME students at university

2.     Cultural Awareness

§  An increase in the celebration of different cultural events. Maintain the focus on Black History Months throughout October, but also increase the focus on events such as Diwali, Vaisakhi, Eid and Chinese New Year in order to ensure greater inclusivity of BAME Students



1.     More intercollegiate BAME events

§  A chance for BAME students to meet one another from different colleges. This has already proved to be a success on Hes East between Constantine and Langwith and I’d for it to include Hes West as well

2.     Weekly BAME Discussions

§  A continuation of the ongoing successful BAME events held every Thursday. A discussion is held and hosted by a BAME student at the university on a subject of their choice and anyone across campus is welcome to attend. This promotes healthy discussion and raises issues that are faced by BAME students

3.     Increased Talks and Events

§  Host events and talks with societies who represent BAME students such as British Asian Society and ACS. With greater manpower behind the organisation of such events, event should be bigger and better with increased turnout



1.     A BAME Excellence Campaign

§  Last year’s BAME officers successfully orchestrated a black excellence campaign which illustrated the achievements of black alumni. I wish to extend and continue this by including Asian and Minority Ethnic alumni and celebrating their successes since university

2.     Strong Network

§  I aim to uphold the strong network between BAME representatives through bi-weekly committee meetings where I will try and reinforce the ethos of BAME and the need to be inclusive within each college of all cultures – especially those that BAME represents. This links to the aim to have more intercollegiate events which can be organised during committee meetings

3.     Weekly BAME Discussions

§  I aim to make the weekly Thursday discussions hosted by BAME more inclusive of everyone represented by BAME. This means more talks and discussions on issue that affect Asian and Ethnic Minority students as well as keeping the discussions on topics that affect Black students

4.     Support for Students

§  I want to create a greater support system for BAME students who join the university each year. I’ve known students who identify as BAME to go through their three years at York without ever knowing what BAME is and what BAME can do for them in terms of support. Support comes from other students and networking with other BAME students who face the same issues. With more events in the first term of university, with greater publicity for these events, we can ensure that more people are included in BAME and supported by the strong network of support BAME has to offer