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Union President Candidate

Oscar Jefferson


  • I am asking students to vote for reopen nominations.
  • We want a mandate for a second election not policy but on how we can transform YUSU.
  • This election is a choice between the status quo and wholesale reform.

60 second Manifesto


There is one key difference between myself and all the other candidates. I am not asking you to vote for me. I’m asking you to vote to reopen nominations.

There is a silent, apathetic majority, who do not vote. This majority thinks their votes won't make a difference. This is not true. The current president received support from a mere 8% of the electorate. If the 75% of people who did not vote last year make their disillusionment heard, if they vote reopen nominations, we will have a second election.

This second ballot will be backed by a mandate for change, not of policy but of YUSU itself. Instead of electing an ambitious, well intentioned president banging his head against a bureaucratic wall, we need to send a clear, unprecedented call for reform. It’s no longer a question of who will be president, it’s a choice between the status quo and wholesale change.

We will set up a debate and a consultation about how we can restructure YUSU so it represents the students it purports to. There are many hardworking individuals with excellent intentions in the Union, constrained by a system that diffuses responsibility and agency.

Part time officers are poorly funded and often forced to go through the stiflingly overcomplicated policy process rather than act in their own right. The working class officer referendum shows that YUSU's instinct is to add more bureaucracy rather than address issues head on. The voting period was extended while the referendum was ongoing raises questions about YUSU's commitment to democracy. There are many other examples we do not have space for here, which we will release as the campaign progresses.

This is a call to the silent majority to reclaim that agency for themselves and their representatives. Vote reopen nominations.