Who Can Run?

The Officer Elections are your chance to get your voice heard, and make real changes to students’ lives here in York. Whatever your ideas, YUSU is here to help you if you're interested in turning them into action.

Absolutely everybody is able run for the Full-Time Officer Positions, regardless of your background, age, gender or course - you just need to be a student here at York! Though some of the Part-Time roles do require you to self-define.

You don’t need to have held a position or had any dealings with YUSU before to run in the elections, nor have been heavily involved in a college committee. If you have a good manifesto and campaign well, you should have just as much chance of winning as anybody else, and YUSU can support you through the entire process.

NB: There are a few legal requirements for becoming a trustee (which you would be as a Full-Time Officer). Check online if this applies to you at elections.yusu.org

Once you've made a decision to run, and what to run for, nomination is easy. Simply go to elections.yusu.org/nominate during the nomination period (Weeks 1-4) and follow the instructions.

And that’s it! It’s as simple as filling in the form online. The next step is to think about your manifesto and campaign - what do you want to change or improve? We can provide you with loads of support for this so don’t worry if you have no experience of politics or campaigning - we want the process to be open to everybody.

NB: If you’re thinking about running, or are a little unsure about putting yourself forward because you don’t know if you can commit then don’t worry! You will have until the manifesto submission deadline of 5pm, Friday 10th February (Week 5) to drop out of the running. If you nominate yourself early on, then you’ll be able to take part in all the pre-election training and mentoring that we run here at YUSU.