Part-Time Officer:

'My Role'

An Interview with Chris Oldnall & Morgan Steigmann,

Volunteering Officers

What do you do?

Between us we oversee student-led volunteering projects, as well as liaising with careers and colleges to coordinate volunteering opportunities that are mutually beneficial for students and the wider community. We also chair College Volunteering Committee and sit in The Student Volunteering Forum.

What interested you about the role?

Previous to the role both of us had a wide variety of volunteering experience within the university such as St Nicks Nature Reserve, Open Minds and YSIS. We wanted to see the scope that volunteering could have!

Why did you decide to nominate yourself?

We were aware that there were many different avenues to obtain volunteering opportunities, such as YUSU, Careers and Colleges. However we felt that needed greater collaboration between all parties and is something we were passionate about - it would simplify volunteering for the student body.

How did it feel getting elected?

Initially we were daunted at the prospect of taking up an additional commitment, however after sitting down to plan out our year (and singing 'We are the Champions' at The Lounge karaoke!) we were excited to begin.

What are you most proud of having done in your role?

There are many things we have achieved, including the set-up of The Student Volunteering Forum, Freshers-Week Integration and the increased engagement of departments promoting volunteering. The thing we are most proud of is Volunteering Week which took place in November 2018.

What have you gained by being an Officer?

Throughout the role we have gained many professional skills such as meeting etiquette and transparency. This allowed us to take true advantage of the networks and connections that existed like the GSA and ASC in the university and SNAPPY and the MND Association outside of the University.

What advice would you give to somebody thinking about running?

With so many different volunteering projects to manage, there are very different sets of skills needed. Not only must you have the ability to interact with people, you must also have a very clear vision of where you want to take volunteering and how this will be achieved!