Candidate: Alexander Lake

YSTV 60 Second Manifestos

The 60 second manifestos were recorded and produced by YSTV.



I am currently in my third and final year at York University. I am proud to be the captain of the First team hockey, and also play for Derwent College Football. I’m running for Sports President because I want to give something back to the University by making YUSU sport better than ever before. I plan to do this at performance level for our elite clubs all the way to the college teams that battle it out on the 3G, arena and 22 acres every week. I promise a straight talking transparent YUSU where I work to provide the students of York with the best sporting experience they can have, and hope to leave a legacy for making York into an elite sporting university.

My main aim for the University of York is to take York into the next level for performance sport in the overall BUCS leagues. Last year we ranked as 40th overall, and currently we sit in 39th place. By the time I leave York University I want to get us into the top 35 of the BUCS University League. To achieve this goal, I will be bringing in more fitness classes for pre-season, such as yoga and spinning and at the beginning of the Autumn term as well to prepare teams for their return after the winter break. Another one of the ways I want to do this is by bridging the gap between the college and the university BUCS sports. With 16 college sports from netball to rugby, I want there to be a way of channelling the best players into university teams, making us as competitive as we can be. Furthermore, YUSU at this current time seems to take a while getting back to people’s messages, this can be frustrating especially when it is about urgent things such as court timings and issues with games. Therefore, if elected I want to make YUSU sport a transparent organisation which is clear and quick to reply to the needs of the people at the university.

However, I also want to focus on the sports within colleges, which are played competitively and for fun. Sport at university is not only a great place to meet people but also somewhere to get active and stay healthy, which has benefits physically and mentally. However, eating correctly is important as well, therefore, I want to encourage the YUSU eateries on campus to provide healthier eating opportunities for people. I also want there to be clearer channels for mental health in sport as well as using sport to benefit mental health on campus.

I want to increase participation through all levels of sport at the university, and college sport is a great place for people to get involved. Therefore, in Term 2 I want to give freshers another opportunity to meet and sign up for different sports they didn’t get a chance to in first term by offering another Fresher’s Fair. I also want to make it easier for the organisers of college sport. Finding kit and completing orders can be a pain, and therefore I want to give college sports the ease of using Surridge kit, with ordering taken out of their hands and an online shop to purchase from, it will mean everyone can get kitted out whenever. Also there seems to be a lack of space for holding equipment for the Sports teams in various colleges and so I propose to bring in more space for sports kit to be stored in.

College sport is also fantastic at raising money for charity, following in the footsteps of Derwent football, having the charity CALM printed on their tops. I believe we need to try and get vacant sponsorship opportunities filled with charitable organisations. Events such as the charity netball matches, organised by the netball club, between different BUCS clubs has also raised a fantastic amount for charities and I believe with YUSU sport’s help we can raise even more. I would also like to build on YUSU’s equal opportunities work. I would do this by continuing women’s only hours at the gym alongside more women only classes such as Yoga and weightlifting.

I also want more media representation for the sports in the universities. This would mean getting the word of our sporting achievements further afield, plus getting people involved in student media through sport. The team of the week and sportsperson of the month is something I believe can motivate teams and therefore this would be kept in place. Further team results and star players would be placed on the TV screens around campus to inform the university of our sporting success. Furthermore, I will bring in livestreaming of certain games, and use the footage captured to produce highlights for YUSU sport social media and to be displayed on the TVs around campus. I also want to bring in a new display showing our current and past sporting success and have more team colours around campus.

Overall, I know I can provide an efficient, transparent and well run YUSU sports for you.