Candidate: Alexandra Spiby

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My name is Alexandra Spiby and I would like to stand as Volunteering Officer for the 2017/18 term.

I consider myself a suitable candidate due to my unique skill set; such as good organisation, a kind and caring manner and my past experience.

Prior to applying for this role I have actively volunteered at my local Brownies unit for 6 years and within this time gained my leadership qualification. This allows me to not only make useful links within the Girl Guiding network, which has gained me a leadership role at a Guide unit, but also develop my confidence and ability to worrk well with others.

In addition to this, during my time at secondary school I was Head Girl for my year group allowing me to further develop relations with students and staff alike. The role helped me to realise the importance of making connections within leadership and to speak out and make changes on behalf of a student body. Furthermore, during sixth form I became a maths tutor to Year 7 students; volunteering once a week to aid them alongside their curriculum lessons.

If I get the role of Volunteering Officer I, would like to raise awareness of the joy that volunteering brings whilst making it easily accessible to all. A few of the things that I would like to implement are listed below:

  • Set up a system (alongside Night Safe) to have students volunteer at the university bus stops and several places on campus to assist those coming back from town in the early hours.
  • Invite locals on campus for events such as coffee mornings, quizzes and bingo games thus enabling students and residents to improve relations between them.
  • Get involved with the local community to run specialist session for them. An example of this being to set up and run a Youth Club. However, it could also include socities showing off their interests allowing younger residents to see new and exciting things.
  • Offer " skill trade" sessions allowing students to swap their skills in order to help others. This could be computer programming, mathematical skills, essay writing technique, referencing tips etc.
  • Put in place a process to help students wanting to volunteer abroad. This would include helping them to find suitable places with relevant safety checks completed, to assisting with applictions to supporting them with fundraising ideas and opportunities.

To conclude, I believe that I would be a suitable candidate due to my skill set gained through previous experiences and would like to work closely with all of you in order to help students, the local community and afar through volunteering.