Candidate: Alice Driver and Jasmine Pledger

YSTV 60 Second Manifestos

The 60 second manifestos were recorded and produced by YSTV.




Hi all! We’re Alice and Jasmine and we are running to be your Volunteering Officers!

We currently have positions as Events Coordinator and Treasurer on the YUSU Volunteering Committee which has given us an insight into the volunteering opportunities that are already available, and with the contacts and understanding we have already gained we aim to implement our ideas efficiently so that students can make the most of volunteering at York. In addition to our positions on the committee, we both have a range of volunteering experience that has been utilised in our current role, and we hope to extend this if were to be elected.

If elected we would:

Develop a Volunteering Community working with Projects, Colleges and RAG

  • Our aim is to run a campaign to create a Volunteering Representative on each College Committee. This will provide a wider opportunity for students to engage in volunteering and also help both us and colleges promote events.
  • Similarly, we want to work more with the 16 student run volunteering projects using our position to support and assist them in their development.
  • We also wish to continue the close relationship with RAG so together we can hold larger events that are inclusive to all.

Creating a platform for organisations and projects to recruit volunteers and promote volunteering opportunities

  • We understand it is hard for local charities and volunteering groups to find the necessary volunteers and likewise we understand the difficulties students have in finding opportunities that suit them. Our goal is to tackle both of these issues in one, by creating a platform where both organisations and students can contact us with their needs and we can link opportunities to students and vice versa.
  • We will further develop our social media to keep students updated with all things volunteering so no opportunity is missed.

Running Make a Difference (MAD) events fortnightly

  • Developing our current one off events to create fortnightly MAD Days for students to get involved with volunteering without a long term commitment and to provide volunteering opportunities in a wider range of situations.
  • Our platform of contacting local organisations will allow for these opportunities to be easily accessible for students whilst benefitting the local community.

Extending the link with Careers Services

  • Make further links with careers so we can create more awareness of all their additional opportunities. Such as placements, charity internships or specific programmes such as York Students in Schools (YSIS).
  • We propose to continue and develop CV workshops to help students use volunteering and their experiences to increase their employability.

Using all of our proposals, we believe we can make a wider and more inclusive volunteering community within the University. We will further support this by creating social events for current and potential volunteers to meet like-minded people and discuss previous and future experiences they have had or can gain from volunteering.

We will use our commitment and enthusiasm to further improve volunteering throughout the University. We are dedicated to putting our proposals into place so please vote Alice and Jasmine to become the 2017 Volunteering Officers!