Candidate: Daniel Bowen

YSTV 60 Second Manifestos

The 60 second manifestos were recorded and produced by YSTV.


Hello! My name is Daniel (SpiderDan!) and I am running for the role of Student Activities Officer because I think that belonging to a student society has been the most valuable part of my university experience. These are the policies I would aim to accomplish if elected this year:

Prepare an Interactive Resource Hub for Societies!

Running and maintaining societies requires understanding a number of different formal systems, and the resources currently provided by the Students’ Union to explain them have been criticised as inaccessible and bureaucratic. I hope that creating videos which explain these systems encourages new students to get involved with running societies.

Organise Workshops and Networking Events!

There has been significantly less society training this year than there has been in the past. Build on experience I have in running event workshops for Liberation Networks and LGBTQ Social, I would develop a program to support societies based around flexible, opt-in workshops. I’d also run targeted networking events, hoping to help societies improve their web of connections across the university.

Wider Focus on Volunteering, RAG and Careers Prospects in Give It a Go Week!

Most students are looking to make social connections in their first term, but as the year progresses the may be looking for more substantial commitments with opportunities for personal growth. This project would also be targeted towards Second/Third Year Students who may feel it is too late to get involved – it isn’t!

Work Towards Renegotiating the Activities Timetable!

Rigid, universal rules about elections and training has alienated student groups, who have found it inconvenient to fit YUSU dates in with their own schedules. I would work alongside the Student Union staff to improve societies’ autonomy over election timetables and calendars.

Win Hearts with a Soctopus a Snapchat Account!

I would like to revive Soctopus, the societies’ mascot, with a social media campaign that puts student activities at the focus. I want to take a hands on approach to my role as Student Activities Officer and get involved with as many activities as I can. The account would be a great way to publicise student-run projects to the wider university community!

These are all policies I believe I have the experience to succeed with across one year if I am elected

The Man Behind the Mask

I have been Chair of LGBTQ Social, one of campus’ largest societies, for the last two years and have accomplished a lot in the time within the community: in particular, I have used my interpersonal skills to double attendance to events and massively improved inclusivity.

Alongside this, I have been involved in a number of student projects. I have been involved in a fundraising campaign for Nightline, planned a residential trip to London for Student Pride, written for multiple campus papers and twice helped organise the campus-wide panel show, Sexposé! I have had so many opportunities as a student – including having my own erotic fanfiction read aloud to a lecture theatre of 250 people!

University was the place that I first found a community that I really felt like I belonged to - and it is a community I would like to give back to. Please vote for me!