Candidate: Emily Goulding and Radia Mustafa

YSTV 60 Second Manifestos

The 60 second manifestos were recorded and produced by YSTV.


Women’s Officers – Emily Goulding and Radia Mustafa

Hi! We’re Emily and Radia – we both study English Literature (First Year), and we would like to take this opportunity to explain why we want to represent you as Women’s Officers for 2017/18. As two strong believers in inclusivity and the need for feminism, we would like to approach key problems or issues that occur within the university – whether this is involves your studies, your mental well being, or even just for a chat, we are here to listen and help in any way possible.

As representatives for you, we intend to focus on creating a safe space for all women and non-binary students. We want to introduce a space where people are comfortable with talking about personal problems and difficult situations.

Our Manifesto voices our own concerns, as well as yours, as to what we as women think should be discussed, debated, and ideas to be made aware of.

    We will personally try to advocate the inclusion of free sanitary products in the YUSU shop for all students, such as pads and tampons. With the recent elimination of the Pink Tax in a certain supermarket, we would like to tackle this issue as well, considering the amount of money we spend each year on products deemed as luxuries, but for most are necessities.
    We aim to raise awareness of the realities of rape and sexual assault on campus and in town and offer talks and workshops for those who want to discuss any problems. Also, we will be promoting the use of the SafeZone App which allows you to get help quickly in a dangerous or uncomfortable situation, and helping to make victims more aware of sexual assault helplines.
    We will be striving to destroy the stigma presently around mental health issues, promoting helplines and university counselling services. For those struggling we intend to hold workshops with the aim of creating coping methods and emergency plans.
    This year Lucy and Mia have been incredibly successful in creating opportunities to learn and practise basic self-defence. We propose to continue this, possibly with multiple workshops focusing on one type of defence, so that it can be successfully mastered, as we both feel that although it should not be necessary, it often is.
    ​We aim to organise regular inclusive women’s socials, as a way of getting to know any new members, as well as to promote an environment that embraces every gender and ethnicity.

As two women who would like to represent you, we hope to continue raising awareness to issues that affect us as university students and also creating a space place where students feel comfortable to voice their opinions and problems.