Candidate: Henry Fairnington

YSTV 60 Second Manifestos

The 60 second manifestos were recorded and produced by YSTV.


After having been a trans convenor and an active member of the LGBTQ network for two years, I feel that being YUSU LGBTQ Officer is my natural next step to representing making change at the University of York.

I would aim to:

  • Continue Jaz’s work on campaigns such as including bins in male bathrooms, and help it progress even further to ensure that the University is a safe, accepting, and inclusive place for all its residents.
  • Create greater awareness of LGBTQ identities and promote acceptance across campus to make the university as a whole a safer environment for people to be themselves, whether in societies, seminars, or everyday university life. I will do this by working with individual colleges to launch an awareness campaign at the very start of term, and by suggesting name and pronoun cards to be used in seminars to prevent misgendering.
  • Continue to make the LGBTQ community at YUSU a more accessible and accepting place for all LGBTQ people to feel a part of. Therefore I will continue to vary the days and locations of meetings to include both campuses and allow more people to attend events.

During my years as part of the LGBTQ Network, many areas to be worked on have come to light; bathrooms for trans people are still rather daunting places, clubs and popular venues still have a long way to go to being inclusive, and gender pronoun usage in seminars and classes is still a hard topic to broach. As a queer white trans man, I hope to collaborate with LGBTQ people of different identities and backgrounds to work on issues that affect the wider community, and find solutions on a more permanent basis.

After having been a trans* convenor, and an active member of the LGBTQ Network, I feel that to be elected as YUSU’s LGBTQ Officer would be an way to further my experience in representing the LGBTQ community. Being Events Manager for Amnesty has given me greater input in thinking of and putting campaigns and awareness events into action; something I would be very keen to continue within the LGBTQ community. I also volunteer with various mental health charities, and that has given me more confidence in organising and carrying out campaigns, and inspired me to make changes happen within the University of York itself.

Vote for Henry for a more accepting, aware, and accessible YUSU!