Candidate: Jack Harvey

YSTV 60 Second Manifestos

The candidate has not recorded a 60 second manifesto


My manifesto pledge is simple: to follow the rules. The Policy Review Group needs a Coordinator who is familiar with the rules and regulations within YUSU; it needs a Coordinator who is both aware of the powers the PRG has and ready to use them.

You might think that's a pretty short pledge. But my investigations tell me that too often, the rules aren't followed; sometimes, the rules aren't even known by the people who should know them. As I have reported for campus media, the PRG is regularly ignored when it comes to approving election rules. This has to change.

Secondly, some of the rules that union members currently follow have been constructed by former officers, working alone and without consulting the PRG or even the students affected by the rules. This is no way to make policy!

In fact, it’s not possible to know for sure what the PRG actually does, nor what it has done, as no minutes can be found on the union website, where it is a constitutional obligation for them to be published.

It’s time to get the PRG back in business and carrying out the responsibilities it has. It’s time to draw a line under the invention of by-laws and policies by officers acting like autocrats; we must keep to our promise that students run YUSU. It’s time to make the PRG open and transparent once more by informing students on its investigations and policy processes.

If elected, I will ensure that minutes of PRG meetings are taken and made available for students, as stated in the constitution. As Policy Coordinator I will ensure that the PRG’s meetings and the policy process are appropriately publicised. To this end I will investigate the use of the union’s website, the regular union newsletter email and social media e.g. a Policy Review Group Facebook page to regularly inform union members of PRG activity.

I will also work with the President to ensure that the PRG is at the forefront of any decisions regarding the constitution, interpreting it and making changes to it.

I have great experience of numerous roles and duties that would help as Coordinator of the PRG. I've been Secretary for a sports society, coordinating legal documentation and health-and-safety forms for members of an internationally-recognised organisation; I've led a team of thirty students involved in student media; I've taken minutes, written guides on editing and writing for students journalists, interviewed politicians and reviewed and revised a company's constitution. In addition, I've been to meetings of the PRG, reported on PRG meetings and spoken with former members of the PRG on their experiences.

The PRG is there to ensure, among other things, that students are involved in policy-making; to hold officers to account and investigate no-confidence motions against then; and to coordinate referenda and elections. The PRG needs to use the powers it has, to hold our elected officers to account and ensure policy is properly drafted and passed with student involvement. Vote for me to be Policy Coordinator and I will make sure the PRG follows the rules.