Candidate: Elizabeth Jay Edevane

YSTV 60 Second Manifestos

The 60 second manifestos were recorded and produced by YSTV.


Jay Edevane for Academic Officer - UPDATE AND EDUCATE

Excellent academic representation is paramount to the students at the University of York. Without it, you cannot be sure that you are getting the education that you deserve. Because of this, you need an academic officer with experience, work ethic and ideas.

I have been an academic representative every single term since I started high school in September 2007. During my time at UoY I have been both a course rep and a department rep and through this I know how departments operate from the inside. This means that I know how to implement change, rather than just have grand ideas.

I was the sole student rep responsible for approving the choice of current lecture capture provider for 2015-2019 and I was also given a deciding vote in place of the academic officer this year on whether or not my department’s three programmes could go ahead in line with the new pedagogy requirements. I have a wealth of experience and knowledge that will help me put my policies in place.


Update and educate
The lecture basically hasn’t changed in hundreds of years, but our understanding of education has. There is a large disparity across the university in terms of lecture quality and I want to make sure that every contact hour that you have is the best that it can be.

I will work with lecturers to implement new ways of teaching, utilising the technology already available to them, like “flipping the lecture” by pre-releasing a lecture video and then using the original slot to discuss the lecture, or further integrating interactive quizzes during traditional lectures.

Lower the cost of your education
With the cost of tuition fees high and set to rise for future students, I want to ensure that anywhere we can, we make the price of education fairer for all.

I want to implement departmental book fairs across the whole university as done at other universities.. Some degrees have ridiculous costs for books; gathering second-hand books for sale to new generations will reduce the amount that younger students need to spend, while helping older students get a little money back.

Making the system work for you
At the moment there are not many clear channels of communication and collaboration between academic representation and liberation representation. As our studies are at the heart of our time at university, and different groups of people have different educational needs, I want to change the system so that other representatives and officers get more of a say in policy that reps are devising and implementing as it happens.

I will invite PTOs and other reps to meetings so that they can give more immediate feedback and work with academic reps to make our university work better for everyone.

Shout and be heard
Something that I have found is that students tend not to mention the things on their mind because they don’t know where to talk about them or feel that their worries are too small to mention. I want to rectify this by providing easier channels of communication between you and your reps so that we can identify problems quicker and fix them before they get bigger.

I will expand the use of schemes like “rate your contact hour” to get immediate and useful feedback from you.