Candidate: Jed '8.30pm' Fulwell

YSTV 60 Second Manifestos

The 60 second manifestos were recorded and produced by YSTV.


Some people are too serious, I am not. I am ledg. I am relaxed and much chill, I am edgy and I like vinyl. I’m single and ready to mingle and I have many positive references, with only a few negative reviews.

Every time I open my mouth, great things come out, did I mention that I am amazing with my tongue.

No time of day is better than 8:30pm. For this is the time I can enjoy the clothes I wish to wear and not the clothes that society dictates. Wear what you want, just as I am for this campaign.

Demanding conditions have been put on students and I will do my best to make you relaxed and let jed do his thang.

Nothing will stop me fighting for the right to party. Nothing. I will maintain the legacy of the beastie boys with pride, who fought and possibly died for our right to party.

Understanding is key to my beliefs, people are people, not objects. All people no matter who they are should be treated with respect and dignity.

Don’t not stop thinking people are better than you, everyone has a chance to be a success in life, you just need to go for it and achieve your goals. Reach for the stars. A vote for me is vote for your future, our future. Together we will create a better world.

Even though there are other candidates out there, it is me and me alone who has your best interests as a priority. I am no student politician, this is not to further my career or to fulfil some dodgy ass power fantasies, it is to create a better future for us, your children, my children and (hopefully ;P ) our children.

Some people will tell you they are a better candidate than me, but they are incorrect. When you vote for me, we will prove them wrong, together we will bring real change to this university. I will not sit on a high horse in yusu, constantly doing statuses telling you how busy I am in pointless meetings. Instead, I will be out there with you, the students. We will create events, we will improve the buses, we will give you more value for your money, we will promote consent and happiness. We will make Jed great again.