Candidate: Laura 'Loz' Carruthers

YSTV 60 Second Manifestos

The 60 second manifestos were recorded and produced by YSTV.



Hello hello! I’m Laura Carruthers and I’m running to be YOUR Sports President.

I am completely committed to the success of sport at York. In the last three years I’ve embraced every sporting opportunity that has come my way, gaining extensive knowledge of how to improve sport at York – its limits, and its potential. I’ve been involved in sport:

- Within YUSU, by organising Roses 2017 and College Varsity as Tournament Secretary on the York Sport Committee

- At university level, captaining the Women’s 1st Lacrosse team to victory at the National Championships

- In College Sport, as the James College Sports Representative and captain of the James College Lacrosse team.

I am approachable, friendly, pro-active and truly believe that I could keep York sport moving forward. I want to make sure we’re making YUSU WORK FOR YOU, providing ACCESS FOR ALL, securing EVERYDAY SOLUTIONS, being PROACTIVE ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH, and promoting UNITY AND COMMUNICATION.


I believe that there’s more YUSU can do to support teams so we can reach our full potential, as one Sports Union. As Sport President, I will:

  • Build a strong relationship with York Sport, to prioritise access to pitches and facilities for our club, college and medic teams rather than the public.
  • Seek a new kit provider as soon as the Surridge contract expires, so that all teams get their kit on time. In the meantime, pressure Surridge to fulfil their kit orders quickly.
  • Seek an external corporate sponsor for York Sport Union, to increase the sporting budget, and help clubs and college teams find local sponsors too.
  • Strengthen the links and communication between College and University sports, making it easier to play at both levels.
  • Help subsidise the cost for teams and individuals who wish to pay for their own Strength & Conditioning sessions, through purchasing a 10 week termly package.


Absolutely everyone should have the opportunity to be involved in sports at York if they want to, whether that’s at university, college or recreational level, or through spectating! To remove barriers to sport, I want to:

  • Lobby the University for greater funding for college sport, to remove financial barriers to participation.
  • Increase the profile of smaller and external sports with a ‘Spotlight on’ sports recognition award, alongside Team of the Week and Sportsperson of the Month.
  • Expand College Varsity to a university-wide, Roses-style, two-day weekend event, building on our victory at home last year.
  • Lobby York Sport for a special offer of a termly (not monthly) gym membership, so it’s better value for you.  Promote the ‘YorActive’ running trail as a great means of getting people fit and healthy at university, at no extra cost.
  • Introduce a recreational ‘School Sports’ session each month for all, run by the Sports President. This will include sports such as dodgeball, benchball, and stuck in the mud as a fun way for all university students to keep active.


I want to make it as easy as possible to be active and engaged in physical activity – in particular, ensuring the current sports system is accessible, clear and central. I plan to: 

  • Overhaul the current Sports section of the YUSU website, creating a central hub with team profiles, up to date league tables, and timetables for both training times and matches for all sports teams.
  • Create an online payment system for all sports-related claims forms.
  • Create a pooled transport system to save clubs money on transport. I will also give off- campus sports greater support with travel costs.
  • Ensure that all departments don’t schedule contact hours on Wednesday afternoons, maximising opportunity for sports involvement.


Sport plays a vital role in combating the pressures and stresses that university can bring – it keeps us healthy, both physically and mentally. Building awareness and support of mental health through sport is key, so I want to:

  • Bring back ‘Staying on Track’, the YUSU campaign, with individual player profiles, about dealing with stress at university, reassuring us that it is ok not to be ok, and to understand where and how to get support.
  • Work with the Welfare Officer to raise awareness of mental health issues, through initiatives such as #timetotalk day and promotion of the various support networks available at York.
  • Ensure all club execs have welfare reps.
  • Continue promotion and expansion of the Equal Opportunities scheme and support the work that Isaac has done this year.


We are one union, one York - all year round, not just at Roses! I want to enhance a sense of unity and improve communication throughout the Union. I will:

  • Strengthen inter-club relationships through more sports team socialising, such as Courtyard bar quizzes and the return of a ‘Sports Day’ competition during pre-season.
  • Implement a substantially subsidised white match kit for Roses 2018, so that the White Rose has a fantastic unified presence when we play away at Lancaster! 
  • Ensure regular communication with the Sports President through termly President one-to- one meetings.
  • Introduce an open-door weekly drop-in with the Sports President to increase access and accountability, as well as helping exec members, of both college and uni-wide teams, fulfil their roles.

Sport at York can be infinitely improved, to achieve even greater things and allow all of us to fulfil our vast potential. So embrace change and join TEAM LOZ to make all of this happen!