Candidate: Max Flynn

YSTV 60 Second Manifestos

The 60 second manifestos were recorded and produced by YSTV.


Hi there! I'm Max Flynn, and I am running for the position of President of our Students’ Union. As a College Chair I have already had the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing people and create unforgettable memories. Throughout my time involved with the Students’ Union I have seen many positive changes and I want to develop these further to try and provide the greatest student experience ever.

My goals for the year can be split into three large policy groups; student events, affordability and health.

Student Events
We all know with over 200 societies at York and a collegiate system, York has lots of great student events on offer but I believe YUSU can do much more to support and publicise them. I will:

  • Improve the relationship between YUSU, Colleges, Clubs and Societies to provide more linked up events, publicising and equipment sharing.
  • Introduce a student committee for YUSU events ensuring student input into events such as Campus Takeover and Summer Ball.
  • Place greater emphasis on providing short term opportunities for students to engage with YUSU.

York is not a cheap University to study at. I believe YUSU can be doing a lot more to hold the University to account and reduce costs for students. I will:

  • Oppose the introduction of a deposit for students applying for on-campus accommodation.
  • Ensure that new developments on Hes East are being built with cheaper accommodation in mind, not just more premium rooms.
  • Create a local student store card, criteria for which would include factors students find important e.g small businesses, student discount, high-student employment rate.
  • Fight hard to oppose increases in tuition fees, both at York and to oppose the TEF nationally.

Mental and Physical Health
York is going through a mental health crisis, while recent news of the 500k of funding can help alleviate this long term, I believe we need action NOW. I will:

  • Demand an overhaul of the leave of absence process; right now students receive very little contact in their year of absence and receive no assistance with their reintegration process.
  • Ensure that the University puts in place the changes recommended in the student health assessment and Hillary Graham survey.
  • Put in place short term provisions for freshers week so it isn't left to STYCs to deal with problems that they're not trained to handle.
  • Build on the York Active programme to deliver even more one-off or casual sessions for students to get some exercise.

Why am I different from the usual YUSU candidates?
Over the next few weeks, you'll be seeing a lot of all the candidates around campus. We'll be in your lectures, on your doorstep and asking to vote for them as you walk around campus. The difference with me is that I won't stop once the campaign's over.

If you elect me as President, I won't vanish behind a desk as soon as the Summer ends. I'll keep up the campaign energy all year, taking the time and effort to talk to as many students as possible, to get to know you all, and understand your needs and concerns. I promise, if you vote FLYNN 4 THE WIN, you won't regret it!