Candidate: Mikey Collinson

YSTV 60 Second Manifestos

The 60 second manifestos were recorded and produced by YSTV.


Hi everyone, I’m Mikey and I want to be your next activities officer. For me, activities are the best thing about York. They highlight just how amazing students at this university are. We have some of the best societies in the country, from our multi award winning media to our incredible volunteering projects. Everyone is able to find their own niche and feel at home in doing what they enjoy. This is where my passion to run comes from and what drives me to develop activities even further.



Introduce a society rewards scheme.

  • You do a lot of work for little recognition. I want to change that through a points based rewards scheme for society development and inclusivity. This will give you perks (such as Love York awards, discounted entry to YUSU club nights, promotion and public recognition on YUSU social media) for the work you already do, while giving you some aims to help your society develop further.

Award volunteers.

  • Hard-working volunteers shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to be noticed. I want to celebrate the awesome volunteering work you do as part of a volunteering awards ceremony.


Make it easier to find what’s right for you through an Activities Matchmaker.

  • With an overwhelming number of amazing activities to get involved in, I want to make your life easier by creating an Activities Matchmaker on the YUSU website that will match you to opportunities that appeal to your interests, future prospects, and suit your timetable.

Bring Raising And Giving to you.

  • Work with the RAG officer for more challenges, e.g. campus bungee jumps, with achievable fundraising targets.
  • Overcome the disjoint between colleges and YUSU RAG by helping them to work together and provide more events for you.
  • Support societies in running your own RAG events by introducing a society & sport rep to the committee.

Expand Give it a Go so everybody can get involved.

  • Give it a Go is a great initiative with lots of one-off taster sessions, however this doesn’t suit everyone. I believe it should include society events, open meetings/workshops (for volunteering projects, career events), and also auditions, performances and shows.


Ensure your committees and volunteering projects are receiving support.

  • Hold open office hours where I’ll be free for you to speak to me about all things activities. I know how difficult running a society is, so I want to ensure that you feel supported by YUSU and any concerns or difficulties are being treated seriously.

Fight for the long-term needs of societies.

  • Ensure that your concerns, such as the need for more flat floor/performance space, are my priority when working with YUSU and the university.

Cut down the bureaucracy attached to the day-to-day running of activities.

  • Push for digital finances which will prevent delayed payment to you. Add a waiting list to room bookings so you are alerted when room bookings are cancelled, preventing the frustration when sought after rooms are left empty.

Improve your society leaders’ training by making it more efficient and easier to complete.

  • Training needs to be more useful, less time-consuming, and equip you with skills that allow you to run societies effectively rather than fighting YUSU. I want this to be online, followed by a summary session to solidify information and act as a networking event to break the ice between YUSU and societies, enabling further communication and collaboration.

My experience will be vital in making these points become reality. As both chair of the Pantomime Society and a team leader for NightSafe for over a year, I have seen how the different areas of YUSU activities work and how to actually get things done. I have also worked very closely with the university and know how to fight for issues that affect you.

I can only do this with your help, so please:

Vote Mikey. Unlock Activities.