Candidate: Peter Fisher

YSTV 60 Second Manifestos

The 60 second manifestos were recorded and produced by YSTV.


My name is Peter and I am currently captain of the men's 1st Volleyball team at York.


Prior to coming to university I worked as a sports coach, Fitness instructor and personal trainer - specialising in sports specification, biomechanics and athletes with cognitive and somatic disabilities. I worked with everyone from social gym users, up to professional, Olympic/Paralympic athletes. With all this experience and knowledge at my disposal I can have a massive impact on sport at York and help our athletes to reach their potential.

I believe sport should be available to everyone, I want to get more people involved in sport at every level, be it social exercise or high level competition.

I am fortunate to have been a part of some of the greatest sporting achievements at the University of York. and have experienced first hand the great things York sport has to offer. More importantly, however, I have found where improvements can be made.

I know that this university, its athletes, and students are capable of much more.


As York Sports President my main aim would be to improve overall Sporting performance, development, and accessibility to all sports at all levels within the University of York. I also want to improve interclub cohesion and make sport and fitness available to as many people as possible, regardless of their membership to a sports club.

I will also resolve smaller issues that have plagued many clubs this year.


To achieve this I have a simple 3 point Strategy:

Improve Performance of all the clubs at York and finish within the top 35 universities in BUCS, by implementing regular fitness sessions.
The key to sporting success can often come down fitness, and how able teams and athletes are to perform at a higher level for longer periods. If you can play your best for a longer period of time than your opponent; if you are more powerful, have better stamina and are more athletic it goes without saying you will win more.
With this in mind:
→ I will provide fitness sessions for sports clubs that expand on the focus sport programme and will incorporate more teams. This will benefit more athletes and I can easily tailor sessions around the needs of each club.
→ I will fight to make sure that, where possible, priority will be given to university clubs over external clubs from outside of the university.
→ I will make pre-season longer and more effective for athletes returning to York, so as to allow athletes to peak at the right time, without causing fatigue near the start of the season.

Build a stronger foundation for the development of clubs at York by giving more assistance to clubs wanting to have members qualified as coaches, and promote club integration.
Every year teams lose players, be it due to graduation or something else, it can destroy squads. By tackling this from the ground up, we can make sure that all clubs have a more consistent flow of potential players to replace those who leave. We can ensure that players are continually in development, and that in the future they will be able to step up and compete for York. This will make all sports more accessible to beginners and those completely new to them. It will also give players the opportunity to start from scratch and go on to represent their university, should they wish to.
To achieve this:
→ Build bridges between sports teams, to promote support, cooperation and competition at an interclub level.
→ Create links between college sports teams and social sections of clubs, that will can feed directly into squads where appropriate.
→ Assist clubs when attempting to have a member become a qualified coach, they will then be able to teach and help develop the club after current coaches have left.
→ Build a new persona for sport at York to show that; it does matter and that, as a university, York can compete at the top level, which will in turn attract more athletes to York.

Make sport and fitness as accessible as possible, and make more students aware of the all the sporting opportunities available to them.
Several universities run free fitness and sports sessions for students which benefit both the student body and sports union. I believe we should follow suit.
By giving all students the ability to improve their fitness, the overall quality of life for students will improve. Physical activity and exercise improves an individual's mental and physical state. All of which has beneficial knock on effects for both students, sports clubs and York Sport Union.
To reach this goal:
→ I will run additional fitness sessions that will be open to university students regardless of sporting membership.
→ Make the student body more aware about taster sessions and opportunities to play sport on campus, and work with York Active to offer more to students.
→ Work to improve interest levels surrounding sports and help build a support base for sports when competing on match day.


All three strategies will work towards my main aim as York Sport President.

I know what I’m capable of and I have seen, and been a part of the best that York Sport is capable of. I have the ability to start something that can change the face of sport at York, and make it better than ever before.

Nearly all of what I am proposing can be carried out personally, I am as experienced as they come in these areas and with proper structuring these initiatives can, and will benefit athlete and student alike.


Improving cohesion and bringing more clubs together will strengthen York sport as a whole and improving what we have should always be our goal.


Let's Build Bridges Not Walls!


Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope I was able to effectively show the amazing things that can be achieved with sport at York.