Candidate: Sophie Wain and Claudia D'Almo

YSTV 60 Second Manifestos

The 60 second manifestos were recorded and produced by YSTV.


Vote for us to be your RAG officers and we will:

  • Improve relationships between college RAG
  • Offer more affordable challenges
  • Deliver a bigger and better RAG week

We are perfect for the role of RAG officers as we have loads of experience raising money for RAG. Having both been on RAG committee for a year we are keen to continue the brilliant work already done by the committee and make our own mark in the legacy of RAG.

COLLEGES: We will introduce an inter-college challenge in aid of raising money for the college charities at the end of summer term. This will be fun and college led to get as many people involved as possible. To get the college reps more involved in the committee we will send regular updates and hold termly open meetings for ideas and planning.

CHALLENGES: We want to offer a wider range of challenges that include equal number of the ‘big’ more expensive challenges and more affordable, but equally rewarding, adventures.

CHARITY: Our focus will always be on raising as much money as possible for our charities. To be as effective as possible at this we will give high quality training to the RAG committee. As well as this we will create a RAG website and an ideas forum so all students can get involved with RAG. We will hold at least one large event per term so the maximum amount of money is raised for our charities.

RAG WEEK: RAG week is the biggest event in the RAG calendar and we want to build on the success of last year. Our goal to raise £2500 (£700 more than last year) through the week. We know this can be achieved by running more nights out, hosting bigger campus events and increasing participation by sports and societies.

Vote Sophie and Claudia for RAG!