Candidate: Tom 'V Bar' Arnold

YSTV 60 Second Manifestos

The 60 second manifestos were recorded and produced by YSTV.


Do you want dedication from your YUSU president? Of course you do. I have true dedication. Dedication to the place the represents the true hearts of students. VBar.

Since my first day stepping onto this campus I have been drawn to my true home, and have never left.

Vbar is a place that unites people. Just as YUSU should - I will support students and your events, so you can live your lives to the fullest. Uniting people should occur in unforced, natural manner - like during relaxed, free events on campus organised and run by students. This facilitates students to engage in our campus community. I am running for YUSU prez to remind everyone students are here. Waiting to be liberated and united. Vbar is my greatest inspiration. Come to Vbar to see what I mean.

Why me?

You want negotiation skills? My ability to bring the cheapest drink deals imaginable to campus should be enough to convince you. Every week, and even for a few extra special events.

You want the ability to plan and organise? I have run one of the most popular and unique pub quizzes to have graced the university, with such rounds as Tony Benn and Science, Sport and Village People, and the ever popular Our House. I have even turned VBar into the disco heaven that many of our newer students never got to experience.

You want to get stuff done? My charms have worn down even the most intimidating foes to welcome me as family, and let me play disco music all over campus. Just think what I could do in a year (or even two ;) ).