Candidate: Will 'Week 9' Batchelor

YSTV 60 Second Manifestos

The 60 second manifestos were recorded and produced by YSTV.


Hi my name is Will and I Will be your next YUSU president. Week 9 is central to my campaign as I believe that it is the best week term.

The biggest problem facing students in this modern day and age is the lack of bottled sauce in YUSU bars. All too often are students faced with the problems presented by sachet sauce. Bottled sauce is more eco-friendly, more accessible and provides a more bespoke experience.

Another serious issue are disposable plastic cups used extensively on campus. Such a waste is unacceptable. I protest against it. YUSU should get more eco and student-friendly.

Most of the term is like sachet sauce and plastic cups. Inaccessible.

But not week 9.

This is when student life can thrive. People are still here, and they have time to boogie. If student group organises an event, like one on Saturday week 9 in Vbar, YUSU should support them. This is why I am running. I want to promote student events. By students, for students. Week 9 should take over YUSU calendar for on-campus fun.
Stay in week 9 on campus. Experience your life to the fullest, just as you can experience full flavoures with bottled sauces.
YUSU should encourage students to have fun on campus, on student-led, free events. Student led events are just like bottled sauces - sharing is caring. Students know best what they need. We need to help them their message through: in week 9, Saturday, stay on campus. Come to Vbar at 8:30pm to see what I mean.

Vote for Will ‘week 9’ Batchelor is vote for on-campus fun.