Candidate: Megan Jones and Neomi Marsolo

YSTV 60 Second Manifestos

The 60 second manifestos were recorded and produced by YSTV.


Hi, we are Megan and Neomi and we are running for election as Mature student officers this year. We have several ways that we would like to improve the MSA and get mature students more involved:

  • Socials: We aim to organise more social events for mature students by engaging with various societies, colleges, the GSA, ISA, and YUSU. By doing so we hope to involve mature students with societies and clubs.

  • Committee: A small committee will help us organise bigger events and coordinate with the societies efficiently.

  • Reach out: Work with the Student Support Hub to provide better support for mature students prior to their arrival at university.

  • Support: We want to reach out to older students around the university to provide an environment of support for undergraduates and postgraduates alike.

  • Somebody to turn to: we want to instate mature student representatives within each college as a person of contact.

  • Community: Campaign for a communal lounge and kitchen area for mature students that will be open regularly.


Why vote for us:

  • Neomi: As the president of the Japanese society I found great pleasure in collaborating with different societies and organising several  events. I have participated in several MSA events throughout the year and hope to bring my knowledge and experiences into the MSA to get mature students more involved.

  • Megan: As a coordinator of Mind Your Head, I also have experience of organising events and working with many different people at all levels in the university. I have participated in a lot of the MSA’s events since becoming a student here at York and hope to be able to work with our members to attract and support mature students from all over the university.