Representation At York

The elections aren’t where representation ends, it’s over 400 reps working to ensure that your feedback is heard across the University and beyond. From our elected Officers, Reps shaping the direction of campaigns to representing you on a national level, representation is the heart of YUSU.

What's it like to be an Officer or Representative?

Being an Officer is a rewarding experience which will helps set YUSU’s agenda across the year.

"It's a lot of work and can be really infuriating at times, but nothing is better than when you manage to get that win and you are overcome with joy. I don't regret it one bit"

Christian Stickles, Sciences Faculty Rep

Being an Officer or Representative you will:

  • Sit on the highest University boards with University managers.

  • Be a member of Officer Group, making important decisions for the union and set campaign agendas.

  • Develop a whole host of skills including leadership, budgeting and project management.

  • Contribute to the planning of Freshers week and other YUSU led events.

  • Work with union staff.

Some of the important actions Officers have taken in recent years:

Frozen tuition fees for students
Brought consent talks to all York University freshers
Developed an anonymous reporting system for harassment
Introduced a student media charter
Developed the largest trans network in any UK institution
Lobbied the University for greater access to inclusion of student voice in international student strategy
Introduced faculty level representation
Improved management processes for joint degrees.