Cast Your Vote

How does voting work?

Voting is done through Single Transferable Vote (STV). STV works by ranking your preferences of candidates. If 4 candidates are running you rank your preference 1-4. A quota is calculated, based on the number of votes cast and the number of positions available. If a candidate reaches the quota. They have won.

If no one reaches the quota the candidate with the lowest number of votes is eliminated and their second preference votes are added to the candidates still in the race. This is repeated until a candidate reaches the quota.

Have a look at this video produced by Southampton University Student Union to find out more

Who is R.O.N.?

If you do not want any of the candidates to win. You can select Re Open Nominations or R.O.N. This means that YUSU will hold a by-election for other candidates to stand, or for the same candidates to run again.

For more information on by-elections and how elections are run please refer to By-Law 7.

Voting not open yet

Voting for this years elections open at 09:00am on 18 February 2019.