Why Should I Run?

Being an elected Officer or Rep is an amazing experience. For a year you will take on a leadership role within a multi-million pound charity organisation and shape the political and operational direction of a student-led charity. You will lead campaigns on the issues in your manifesto and make positive changes for students. Besides that the election itself gives you knowledge and skills you will be able to use in later life and you’ll meet people who think just like you.

What's it like to be an Officer or Representative?

Wondering if you’ve got what it takes to be a leader at York? Click on one of the interviews below to learn about the journey from a current Full-Time Officer, Part-Time Officers and Faculty Rep!

Full-time officer

Part-time officer

Faculty rep

Being an Officer or Representative you will:

Take your ideas to the highest University boards with University managers.

Be a member of Officer Group, making important decisions for the union and setting campaign agendas.

Develop a whole host of skills including leadership, budgeting and project management.

Contribute to the planning of Freshers week and other YUSU led events.

Be supported by Union staff and other students to deliver your ideas.

Get to meet amazing student leaders from all over the country.

Some of the important actions Officers have taken in recent years:

Frozen tuition fees for students
Brought consent talks to all York University freshers
Developed an anonymous reporting system for harassment
Introduced a student media charter
Developed the largest trans network in any UK institution
Lobbied the University for greater access to inclusion of student voice in international student strategy
Introduced faculty level representation
Improved management processes for joint degrees.

Still not sure? See what a past Officer says!

Anne-Marie Canning MBE, Director of Social Mobility and Student Success, King's College London

"If you’re thinking about running for election then my advice is to go for it. You can campaign in your own style and at your own pace. Running as a candidate is a great experience on the whole – it hones your communication skills, teaches you how to get the best out of volunteers and you learn about leadership.

I was lucky enough to win my election and spent a year as the President of the Students’ Union. I was well supported by staff at YUSU. Without a doubt my career trajectory was accelerated by my time as a sabbatical. Most importantly, I learned lots of valuable lessons about how to make effective and lasting change in the world - lessons that I use every day now to help less advantaged children access education."