Why Should I Run?


Be the voice of 18,000 students.

As a democratically elected YUSU officer you will lead York University Students' Union, representing our students' interests, becoming trustees of our charity and getting direct experience of leading an organisation with a turnover of over £4 million.


Change your Union; change your university; change York.

Being a YUSU Officer is a unique opportunity to build confidence developing new skills such as leadership, public speaking, representation and strategic thinking. If there’s something about your student experience you don’t like, or if you think YUSU could do more for students, then running to be a YUSU Officer is one of the best ways to deliver change. You'll be given the support and the resources to make your ideas into reality.

Develop your skills and gain new professional experiences. Every Officer is responsible for leading a team, for developing a YUSU activity, committee or network and for making strategic decisions about a part of the organisation.


Lead the debate with students in York, and engage nationally.

If you're elected as an Officer, you can lead on campaigns, engage students in activities, take part in debates on campus on the local and national issues of the day, and mobilise students to achieve the changes you want to see.

YUSU is also affiliated to the National Union of Students (NUS), which means our Officers get to meet and train with other Officers from Aberdeen to Exeter; they join conferences to decide where students stand on national issues and develop their skills. There is also a huge opportunity to work with and collaborate with other student unions and other organisations to run important national campaigns for students.